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How to Generate Leads Using Video Email Marketing

How to generate leads with Video Email Marketing

No other marketing medium can communicate as effectively and quickly as video. Therefore, using video in email marketing is very significant if you want to increase conversions and brand awareness.

According to HubSpot, 87% of industries use video as a marketing tool in some capacity. If efficiently planned and managed, video email marketing can be a powerful strategy for tapping the growing internet audience.

Below are the effective tips to generate leads from video email marketing campaign:

1. Keep it short and crisp

One of the benefits of a short video in email is that they are rapid and easy to consume. If the video is too long, it will exhaust your “on the go” audience.

Instead of a long, wordy speech, keep it concise.

Concentrate on the main topic and make a video on that for one to two minutes. Keeping it long may distract the audience, resulting in losing them.

According to stats, 64% of consumers are more likely to buy after seeing a video, and 65% of executives will visit your site.

2. Include “Video” in your subject line

As you start drafting your email, think about a subject line that will create an impact. Your subject line is the most important criteria for a successful open rate.

Just by adding the word “Video” in your subject line, you can increase the open rates. Since video will make up 82% of internet traffic by 2021, it’s your only chance to catch people’s attention before they ignore and send your email to the trash.

According to Salesforce, the word “Video” can increase opens by 19%.

3. Call to Action

Including the right call to action is very crucial in video email marketing. You may want to encourage your viewers to take action and encourage them to share the video with their friends. Some of the top CTA tips are given below:

  • CTA is a great way to encourage your viewers to act. Therefore, use it.
  • Place a social button or a contact form towards the end of the video.
  • Use CTA to collect contact information from audiences.

4. Use an animated gif

An animated GIF is increasingly being classified as videos. These short and fun animation can be easily inserted into your email template. For example, some words jiggling around the page, a funny dance move, or a cartoon firework display. They display your content without any need to click on it.

Get creative with your team to spice up your email with animated GIFs and spur the attention of your audience.

5. Film your video to fit your medium

Before you shoot your video, know where and how it is going to be viewed. According to research, 87% of videos in the industry are viewed on a computer screen, where screens are huge, and a low resolution will look rough. While filming your video, you should consider:

  • Device and screen size
  • Viewing time of day
  • Viewing location and context

6. Say no to “Autoplay.”

Autoplay can trouble users who don’t know it’s coming. When viewers click your thumbnail in email, they will assume to play instantly. But, many of your audiences may not like it when a video plays right away. Give them space and allow them to click it themselves.

7. Don’t forget to Test It Out

Consistently get your videos tested before you send it across different platforms. For this, you should first share your video with your closed ones and colleagues before making it live. You can ask them for suggestions, their response might help you improve and make better videos for the future.


Get in the game, as the current online market is buzzing with video email marketing and drawing a lot of attention from the viewers as well as marketers. With these above tips, you can lift your video email game before your next marketing campaign and increase your traffic and revenue.


Diana Morris

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