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8 Steps to a Successful B2B Lead Generation Strategy

B2B Lead Generation Strategies

In this modern competitive world, applying a single tactic won’t help you in achieving your goals, especially in the B2B industry. Therefore, when it comes to lead generation, what impacts the bottom line? A well-built strategy.

According to Wikipedia, “strategy is a high-level plan to achieve one or more goals under conditions of uncertainty.” Your strategy should be result-oriented, customer-friendly, and ultimately drive sales.

Generally, quality leads are the backbone of B2B marketing strategy, and establishing a strong pipeline will ensure to maintain a steady growth rate. Using a combination of inbound and outbound strategy is essential.

While outbound is a more immediate way to connect with your leads, your inbound should be used to establish your possibility resulting in more qualified leads coming to you.

The success of your marketing does not depend on one marketing tactic. There are many steps involved in developing a successful strategy. Here are the essential lead generation strategies in B2B marketing:

Landing page should be more attractive and comfortable to act on

One of the enormous assets when trying to convert a lead into customers can be your landing page. This can be any page where a person is landing on after clicking on the link. It is essential to understand that the landing page exists separately from your company’s website, and they are typically used as a tool for a single marketing campaign.

The most crucial element of your landing page is that it delivers the promise that your ad source made. If your ad says that you will provide 50% off, then you need to assure as soon as the customer is entering the landing page, offer is being delivered.

Focus on Search Engine optimization

Search engine optimization is an excellent lead generation strategy because it puts your website in the best position to get into the first page of results. When you are focusing on SEO, three things are essential to concentrate:

  • It should provide useful information
  • It should answer to frequently asked questions
  • Content should be clear and crisp

Content-Based Lead Generation

Search engine optimization and content-based lead generation go hand in hand. The more highly content you use, the more you are rewarded by search engines. Search engines result in websites that answer the questions quickly.

For example, if you create a blog post that provides all the necessary information about your company, you will acquire rewards by ranking well in the search engine result.

Use Gmail ad to target Competitor Customer

Gmail ads are a powerful tool for getting right in front of your target audience.

With Gmail ads, you can target your ad words campaign only to people who are receiving emails from your competitors, which will give direct access to people who are using similar products. There are various ways; one is target keywords; target keywords are more likely to use by your competitors.

Gmail ads will help you reach the same audience that you would reach using a search engine marketing campaign at a fraction of cost.

Take a new Approach for Direct mail

By being particular with your direct mail efforts, you can invest more in the physical item you’re sending to them. Also, you can offer better discounts, offers, excitements to get new leads to take the next step. It’s advisable to think of direct mail as your foray into getting someone to your website instead of your final step in getting new clients.

Go nuts with remarketing

Remarketing helps you to tag site with the visitors and get back in front of them as they go about their business around the web, checking their email, watching YouTube, searching Google, and even using Facebook. Henceforth, Remarketing helps the abandoners to turn into leads. It amplifies all of your other marketing activities- content marketing, social media marketing by positioning your audience again.

Measure Your Results

Once you have created blog posts and promoted on several marketing channels and set up marketing automation, you should start tracking your progress, which requires looking at all your marketing funnel. You can use some tools to track:

  • Search engine ranking
  • Social media comments
  • Competitor media traffic

Build an incentive-based referral system

Create a customized code online for individual clients and prospects. A new client gets a discount on their first purchase, and your loyal client will get a referral discount too. This works well with online customers. This way, you will understand who is sending business your way and which leads are turning into clients.

Conclusion note

If you want to widen up your firm, you must prioritize your lead generation strategies and use the tactics we have stated above to get as many quality prospects as possible into your funnel.

Diana Morris

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