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7 ways B2B marketers can prepare for the holiday season

7 Ways B2B Marketers Can Prepare For The Holiday Season

Are all merrymaking and New Year jolliness is putting your B2B trades in a slump?

Every holiday is marketable no matter which industry you are in. Starting with thanksgiving to Christmas till New Year, holidays are a time of discounts and festive promo campaigns.

If you have not started planning your marketing strategies for a holiday sale, then you are losing the chance of boosting your revenue. One channel where B2B marketers can connect the most is social media. To efficiently hold the power of social media during holidays, B2B companies should consider a few points.

Here are the seven key points to remember during the holiday season.

  1. Create Special Landing Pages

To boost your revenue, create exclusive landing pages for holiday sales. It will help your users quickly know about your discounts, offers, purchase, and appeal to them to buy. There are a few guidelines which will help you to create a useful landing page:

  • The landing page should be simple with the required details.
  • Content should be crisp and attractive
  • Define and highlight your sale discount
  • Should be mobile friendly and fast to load
  1. Make a list of your goals

After getting some useful data, outline your objectives for the holiday season and the start of the New Year. Whether it’s to gain a certain amount of leads, increase your email list or grow your social media following, you should have limited and measurable goals.

  • Don’t miss out these few things while planning:
  • People buy too much during holidays due to a considerable discount.
  • Train your staff to handle lots of orders and also plan your inventory.
  • Ensure there should be no shortage of products. In case it happens, you should have a backup.
  1. Make your Social Media More Engaging

The holidays are the perfect chance to make your social media more engaging and attractive. Prepare your content early, as you will get plenty of opportunities to post during holidays. Utilize SEO as it is one of the top techniques to secure new customers during a holiday sale. Also, use attractive keywords and be smart with your links. Many keywords are periodic, so if you opt for the right keyword, you will be able to generate more traffic.

  1. Don’t ignore mobile devices

Most people prefer to purchase online during holiday sales. And mobile was the top-performing device that people preferred in 2018. So don’t overlook the mobile while planning for your holiday sale.

  1. Retarget your customers

Retarget 90-95% of visitors that come to your website but do not buy. It allows you to target those visitors who did not turn into customers. Retargeting advertisements enables us to drive awareness and conversions.

  1. Treat your customers with give away

Offering giveaways can boost your revenue. During the holidays, every company has at least one promotional campaign. Whatever industry you are in, customer delight should be your target.

In addition to discounts, treat your customers with a giveaway. Everyone loves surprises or gifts. Whether it’s an eBook, something perceptible, or unrelated but fun, it gets your audiences in the spirit.

Give free shipping and coupon code to your customers.


  1. Start early and end later

With early sales, you will be able to generate revenue before the starting of the actual sale. But don’t use only discount codes; instead, use different coupon codes to create urgency and pull customers.



Holiday sales can produce a maximum amount of revenue if you plan and execute on the right path. Start implementing the strategies mentioned above to accomplish your holiday sale goals. People go crazy about well-planned deals, so create an irresistible offer and let the sale flow in.

Diana Morris

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