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Is your business looking for The USA Business Email list to generate quality leads to expand its reach and increase profits?

BizInfor is a leading provider of superior-quality databases to B2B companies worldwide. Our US Email database has actionable leads for every business looking to target the US audience, allowing clients to plan targeted marketing campaigns efficiently


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Customized USA Email & Mailing Lists for Industry-Specific Needs

The team at BizInfor possesses expertise in customizing US Email List, enabling clients to achieve a higher conversion rate and maintain a competitive edge. When clients have access to a wide range of qualified leads for their business, it saves valuable resources in both the short and long term.

BizInfor values dedicated and exceptional service and ensures this through strict adherence to anti-spam laws. As a result, clients receive only premium-quality data that is valuable, actionable, and with information that is safe to reach out to professionals.

Our comprehensive US Mailing Lists offers a variety of features to help achieve sales and marketing goals, including:


    A wealth of information on prospects from different locations


    Collaboration tools for reaching the target audience


    Customization options for all marketing needs


    Compliance with CCPA and GDPR


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      B2B Records

      Specialized Segments


      Deliverability Rate


      Guaranteed ROI

      Tap Into US Email Database Power to Skyrocket Revenue

      Avail the most actionable Us Business Email database from Bizinfor consisting of convertible leads who are perfect for your business.

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      20M+ Business Emails

      BizInfor’s regular tele-verification ensures that only accurate information is filtered into the mailing list. This vastly reduces wasted efforts as emails do not go to spam or remain undelivered.

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      95% deliverability rate

      We guarantee high visibility, thus increasing the possibility of conversions and directly influencing sales from your Marketing Campaigns

      Compliant Data

      The data we collect for our list of USA email & Mailing lists has great potential for direct B2B marketing communications while following applicable laws.

      Data re-verification

      BizInfor ensures the accuracy of data and highlights our commitment to quality contact information in every one of its mailing lists.

      Customize US Email List By Industries

      Retail Technology Industrials Chemicals
      Energy Information Technology Pharmaceuticals Telecommunications
      Health care Food and beverage Motor vehicles and parts Engineering, construction
      Banking and Finance Aerospace and defense Utilities Media

      Customize US Business Email List By Decision Makers

      C – Level Executives (CEO,CMO,CFO,CTO,CXO,COO etc) Product Manager HR Directors IT Director
      Managing Director Operations Manager Supply Chain Manager Head of Sales.
      President Board of Directors Finance Director Marketing Directors
      General Manager Chairperson Procurement Director

      Customize USA Mailing List By Job Roles

      Accountants HR Managers Event Planner Marketing Managers
      Attorneys Pharmacist Financial Advisors Engineers
      Physicians Nurses

      Utilizing BizInfor’s US Email List To Benefit Operations

      Our B2B list is a valuable tool for businesses looking to expand their reach and increase their revenue. It can help them to update their current email database and gather valuable market research.

      Additionally, the US email list can be used for lead generation. It can also be used for networking, connecting with other businesses and learning about new opportunities. It is an essential resource for any business looking to grow and succeed in today’s competitive marketplace.

      Our comprehensive database offers a wide range of benefits for both sales and marketing teams.

      What our US Business Email list Can Do for Marketing and Sales Team


      For Marketing Team


      Filters that aid in understanding the mindset of the target audience.


      The ability to connect with professionals in various global locations.


      A mailing list and email database that can support a multi-channel marketing strategy.


      Quick access to a verified, validated, and accurate database of new buyers.

      For Sales Team


      A comprehensive customer profile database that enables effective research of new prospects.


      Time-saving selects and segments that allow for a focused approach on the most promising leads.


      The opportunity to evaluate new, accurate data and enhance your sales funnel for a higher return on investment.


      Access to new potential leads and the ability to identify the most suitable products and services for them.

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        How can Bizinfor Solve your Data Problems?

        At BizInfor, a thorough and meticulous approach to creating and maintaining our contact database is inculcated. Accurate and reliable USA Email List is of utmost importance, and when overlooked, it can lead to problems like incorrect or duplicate information, a high bounce rate for emails and generic messaging that does not lead to conversions.

        The BizInfor team goes to great lengths to ensure that the information provided is of the highest quality.


        Meticulous examination of every aspect of the contact database to ensure its accuracy and relevance


        All information is sourced from genuine and reliable sources to ensure the relevance and integrity of the USA email list.


        Multi-stage verification and comparison of various authentic sources is made to eliminate inaccurate contact details.


        Features like opt-in details and periodic data validation help reduce bounce rates and increase the effectiveness of email campaigns.

        Who can benefit from USA Mailing List and Email List?

        Any business operating in the US or expanding into the US can benefit from BizInfor’s US business email list.

        Sectors that can benefit from the USA email list are:

        real estate industry icon

        Real estate industry

        banking icon

        Banking and financial services

        it industry icon

        IT industry

        Marketing and Advertising Agencies



        Staffing or recruitment companies

        Looking to Expand your Business ?


        Explore New Markets With Our Database

        Compilation and Updating of US Email Addresses List

        At BizInfor, the priority is the quality and accuracy of our data. Our team of skilled data experts and advanced technology conduct a thorough manual verification process to ensure that every record in the database is accurate and up-to-date.

        Additionally, great care is taken in collecting data legally and adhering to all relevant laws. This ensures that the clients have access to high-quality US Email Addresses List that is accurate and compliant with legal standards.

        How do we Collect Data?

        1. Data Collection

        BizInfor gathers information from various sources, including questionnaires, online conferences, business magazines, B2B directories, and white and yellow pages.

        Public records, newspapers, company newsletters, and corporate and executive registers are also perused for data collection. BizInfor collates data using postal records, census data, voter registrations, SEC listings, institution information, and conference and trade show registrations.

        Government records, opt-in email responses, publishing companies, timeshare reports, associations, and real estate transactions fall under BizInfor’s data collection sources.

        All the information is collected ethically and legally, adhering to strict industry regulations and guidelines.

        2. Data Verification


        The collected data goes through a strict verification process involving both manual and technology touch, ensuring the database is error-free.

        3. Final Product


        BizInfor’s final lists are customized based on each client’s specific needs and requirements. The collection and verification of data are done in a structured and organized manner that makes it easy to find the information needed.

        Specific details that each client requires to meet their goals are kept in mind while curating the database and providing valuable, actionable leads to ensure that each client is delighted with the services provided by BizInfor.


        Reverification of the List

        At BizInfor, the goal is to provide a responsive US email list that is consistently accurate and up-to-date. To achieve this, periodic evaluations are conducted every three months resulting in a superior-quality database with no redundancy.



        95% deliverability rate maintained through constant re-evaluations


        Multiple verification processes till the final database collate


        In-house and third-party checks to verify the accuracy of the US business email list

        Regular Data Updates

        Insufficient or outdated data is often identified as the root cause of inadequate marketing strategies that can hurt a business’s image and revenue. BizInfor ensures the authenticity of the data by performing regular updates, enabling clients to execute their marketing strategies confidently.

        From lead generation to customer retention, increased sales, and new customer acquisition, BizInfor ensures that all aspects of a business can be aided by the clients who buy the USA Email lists.

        We Employ the Following Data Hygiene Strategies


        Regularly updating and renewing data collection parameters


        Keeping the database in a constant loop to check the need for updates.


        Utilizing manual methods and automation tools to replace outdated contact details


        Stringent quality checking to maintain the us email database with a 95% deliverability rate


        Conducting in-depth data maintenance and validation activities

        Reduce The Risk of


        High email bounce rates


        Ill-conceived marketing strategies


        Data Duplicacy


        Lack of sales

        We Ensure with Our US Email List


        100% compliance with all central industry norms


        Target prospects meeting your campaign objectives


        100% compliance with all central industry norms

        Frequently Asked Questions

        Are US Email lists customizable?

        All of BizInfor’s lists are customizable according to the client’s specifications. Keeping in mind the business goals, BizInfor ensures that the data provided in the mailing list meets every requirement.

        How are BizInfor's USA Business Email lists different from other competitors' lists?

        BizInfor’s US Business Email lists comprise only accurate and actionable data that enables clients to increase return on investment through high delivery rates, low bounce rates and an extensive repository of contacts for every industry.

        Are there specific parameters through which businesses can add filters to the lists?

        Yes, BizInfor’s curated lists provide only high-quality data and accurate information which can be filtered to suit your business’s needs and goals.

        Can BizInfor's US mailing list benefit any business?

        Yes, every type of business can benefit from using the accurate and valuable information provided in the databases. It can significantly benefit sales, marketing, and operations, driving revenue and growth for our clients.

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