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✔  BizInfor verifies the data repository under multiple scrutinizing stages to check its authenticity.

✔  We understand the competition and prepare your business solutions in accordance.

✔  Our team processes post purchase follow-up to ensure the customer is satisfied with our service.

✔  For years, BizInfor has been providing data solutions and have gained customer loyalty.

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    Maximize your industry reach by using our Business Lead Lists

    Using the right business lead lists lets you pick and choose the right profitable business for your lead gen marketing campaigns. According to the data from Central Bureau Annual Survey of entrepreneur, there are 99.7% of people who are into business and the sector employs more than 70 % of people in workforce.

    If you want to pitch your products and services to business clients, then you are on right page. We will give you the access to relevant contacts for use in brand promotion and thereby help to increase lead generation and ROI using various marketing strategy. Use our leads to target your message towards your most valuable prospect for your business today and witness the difference by yourself.

    Use our Business Leads list for:

    Run Effective Multi- Channel Campaigns for Greater ROI.

    Build global brand awareness and a Client base

     Reach an audience located within a specific radius or target a wide audience base globally

    Our database is also helpful in running an account-based marketing strategy profitably

    Maximize your industry reach by using our Business Lists Database

    Verified Business Lists

    All the data in our B2B list are verified, we leverage a variety of sources to collect leads and provide the accurate Business information to increase your revenue.

    Targeted Leads

    BizInfor provides all the right targeted Business leads so that you can approach interested customers within your industry with customized solutions.

    Compliant Record

    All the Business leads & B2B contacts we provide have been formulated in accordance with data policies like Anti- scam, Can- Spam, CCPA and GDPR policies.

    Globally Reach out to target audience using our Business Sales Leads

    Accurate Repository

    Our efficient data team formulates the accurate information from various sources like business directories, yellow pages, seminars, etc.

    Global market exposure

    Our Online lead generation platform & geo-targeted data provides the targeted lists, which helps you to reach a wider audience, allowing you to be in front global market with your products and services.

    Segmented Records

    We have well segmented data in order to provide the information according to the requirement like job title, location and many more.

    Customized Solutions

    Our in-depth mailing lists provides the customized solutions according to your requirement. Our leads are based on different select which will help you to meet ideal consumer.


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