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B2B (business-to-business) companies involved in the commercial transactions between business entities such as manufacturers and retailers, manufacturers and suppliers, or organizations employing third-party service providers. Although the B2B market is in its infancy, you will find more than 5.72M Companies under this segment. They offer wide-ranging opportunities for marketers all over the globe.

Our B2B executives data helps you reach C-level executives and top-level decision-makers in the B2B industry. We give you access to their details such as name, contact number, email address, and company information. You can build seamless interaction with the B2B Mailing Lists and pitch your products with no hassles. Our only motive is to help you connect with the right prospects who are more likely to buy from you.

Boost Your Email Marketing Campaigns with BizInfor B2B Marketing Lists

What Do You Get

All-Inclusive B2B Database

Our B2B email data contacts contains all the essential information of prospects across the globe.

Valid & Reliable Records

Our B2B Info lists complies with customer data regulation policies such as GDPR, CCPA, Anti-Spam, and CAN-Spam act.

Customized Campaigns

Our B2B mailing list lets you customize the database and connect with the right audience at the right time.

Our B2B Email Details Gives You the Edge in Marketing Solutions

BizInfor helps you acquire and retain quality, as well as potential targeted customers through comprehensive and accurate B2B email lists.

Dependable Sources

Our highly-skilled data professionals collate the B2B marketing data list from genuine sources such as journals, B2B meetings, yellow pages, conferences, government records, events, and more.

Verification & Validation

Our team monitors the data quality by performing stringent verification and validation and thereby offering you the best contacts of B2B database that are free from errors.

Personalized Business Needs

We consider your business requirements to offer a customized B2B information of executives list that aligns perfectly with your business as well as your marketing campaign objectives.

Establish Business Growth

With the help of our B2B email list, you can seamlessly connect with the right target audience, who are likely to boost your conversion rate and company revenue drastically.

Maximize the ROI from quality b2b sales leads with our Customized Support

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the B2B email lists?

    The Business to Business email list is an elaborative database that includes necessary occupational information such as email addresses, full name, job position, demographic location, and other business information from all across the globe.

    The B2B email list is used for all sorts of industries as it facilitates your email marketing campaigns to improve ROI and increase profits.

    How to create an email list for a B2B company?

    To build a quick responsive email list for a B2B company, you must adopt a few steps. Such as:

    • Identify your target customers
    • Identify the web platforms that suit your audience
    • Host online events
    • Put up a sign-in host page on your website
    • Organize offers and giveaway
    • Real-time assistance
    • Use personalization
    • Adopt segmentation

    Who are the best B2B mailing lists providers in the USA?

    BizInfor has been into the B2B data providing business for years and is renowned for its fine quality and global outreach. We understand the growing competition and help our clients with a uniquely-designed email marketing list that will add value to their marketing campaigns. Our on-time delivery protocol and maximum authenticity rule help us live up to your expectations.

    What is the usage of a B2B mailing list?

    For B2B companies, a relevant email list is a necessity that will increase brand visibility and encourage direct marketing campaigns. Our B2B email list will also help in expanding business and explore new markets. It will also generate new leads. The benefits are humungous that will cater to your business.

    How to find a B2B industry-specific b2b mailing lists?

    It is suggested to do your research before you decide to invest in a B2B industry mailing list. At BizInfor, we are keen data providers with a business list of global reach that will give you a platform to stay uplifted in your business and elevate marketing campaigns. The aim is to accelerate the progress of your multi-channel campaigns.

    How is BizInfor B2B email marketing lists unique?

    BizInfor B2B email marketing lists is of international level, which has the capacity to show quick results on your marketing campaigns. With constant use of the list in sync of marketing strategies, you can retrieve its most exceptional results.


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