Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is a public declaration of BizInfor practices regarding data management. It is a part of our effort to help deliver promises and quality services. We request our clients and site visitors to read it before using our resources on the website. All terms such as “us,” “we,” “ours” defined herein shall be ascribed to BizInfor.

Note: Our privacy policies were rolled out in 2010 and have recently updated on November 20, 2020.

Data Collection

BizInfor amasses data of prospects from numerous touch points, including Business-to-Business directories, applications, business-facing brands, journals, conferences, etc. Data shall also be accumulated from census archives and public records. The data we collect and utilize is deemed as Personal Information (PI).

The PI is referred to as name, telephone number, postal address, or email address. We use and unveil B2B data acquired via public directories, subscriptions, publications, government surveys, and filings. BizInfor may also gather information from members visiting our site.

Data Type

BizInfor collects the following information from the website.

(i) Personal Information:

The PI is collated to improve the quality of our service, including account management, offers, email communications, marketing updates, and respond to user inquiries. The PI collected may be from our site, events, services, newsletter signups, and download information.

Personal information shall be used to deliver custom-made products by scrutinizing the way in which you use our services.

(ii) Non-Personal Information:

Our website visitors may sign up or prefer not to submit personal information. However, BizInfor collects information from visitors. Such information shall be limited to:

  • The variant of the Operating System (OS) and the browser used by the website visitor while exploring our page followed by a timestamp.
  • The IP address which uniquely identifies the device type and the geographical location of the visitor.
  • The clickstream data and the URL referral information which helps us ascertain the original platform used by the user to reach us.
  • The web page access and clicks registered from the visitor.
  • The duration a user has spent viewing an item of interest shall also be noted.
  • Cookies downloaded by the visitor, which allows us uniquely to pinpoint the user behavior on our website.

By accepting the cookies, we may target or retarget the website users with relevant content that influences them to buy from us. Additionally, we also consolidate other information, including PI that helps us serve you better.

BizInfor prioritizes commitment to customer gratification. Hence, we promise every user with the right to opt-out or unsubscribe from receiving our campaign contents or corporate emails.

Please Note: Unsubscribing shall make you unentitled for service benefits from BizInfor. However, we may retain some PI as a measure to adapt law enforcement, troubleshooting snags, investigative purposes, resolving disagreements, or to effectuate agreements and guidelines.

After unsubscribing, you shall receive email communication regarding the usage of services and transactions from BizInfor.

Third-Party & Information Sharing Policy

  • BizInfor may share user’s data, including PI, with our service providers working on behalf of us to accomplish the needs of our clients.
  • We may share PI with the partners who cater amenities to the marketers using their service channels and in-house applications.
  • We may assist customers on their behalf by sharing campaigns, analysis, or assessing performance to reorganize the future processes. We may send emails or media to facilitate the operations.
  • BizInfor may disclose information to law enforcement if revelation is mandatory. All our doings are in pact with the laws of the region, state, and nation. We ruminate it as our obligation to retort to the warrants served by the authority.
  • We may unveil information if there is a need to defend the privileges and possessions of BizInfor.
  • We may use your Personal Information for marketing purposes, including service promotion, sending newsletters, and events associated with our industry. All our campaigns will provide an option to unsubscribe if the subscriber feels the content is irrelevant or needless.

Cookie Policy

Cookies are small text files seeking the user’s consent every time our website is accessed. These text files hold information about the user’s online behavioral patterns on respective sites. It automatically saves sign-in credentials so that he/she need not type it manually upon every visit. It also stores other pertinent information to aid visitors to benefit from our tailored browsing experience.

You are free to configure the browser to alert you about the cookies. You may accept or refuse cookies based on your interest. However, you may not be able to view personalized pages that are distinctive to each visitor.

BizInfor works with third parties to ensure services are more accessible and effectual. Our partners may have Cookie Policy with a varied tracking program and expiry date. We have no authority over their terms of the policy, and it is not covered on this page. Users are instructed to refer to the provisions of the third party before accepting or denying the cookies.

Opt-Out Rights

Opting out is simple. BizInfor offers an unsubscribe link at the footer of every email. Visitors can also quickly terminate all our services, direct emails and campaigns by directly emailing us at “sales@bizinforusa.com” with the below information:

  • Name (First and last)
  • Current address

Please Note: We may take up to 15 days to process the unsubscribe requests.

Data Security

BizInfor prioritizes the safety of every personal information it collects. Our data security mavens clean the databases regularly to ensure the protection of your data. We take extra measures (physically and electronically) to keep your PI safe and limit its access to authorized associates in the hierarchy. Our firewalls are aligned to avert breach or data modification.


BizInfor does not propose its services to minors (under 18 years). If you are a minor, we advise you not to use our website or its features in the absence of your parent or a guardian.

CCPA and GDPR Guidelines

BizInfor lays its foundation on offering the best, and privacy plays an integral role. We protect the data of our clients and refrain from using it without their consent.

We firmly comply with the CCPA guidelines from 2018 onwards and actively brought to action from 2020 in order to secure our clients against loss of privacy.

We also comply with the guidelines of GDPR to safeguard the client’s data.


By accepting the terms of our Privacy Policy, you acknowledge that the external links visited from our site shall be at your own risk. BizInfor does not promote any external links you find on our website.

Questions & Concerns

For any questions regarding the use of BizInfor’s privacy policy, reach us at:

Postal Address:

Privacy Officer


111 Town Square Place,

Suite #1203, Jersey City, NJ 07310

United States

Last Updated: June 28, 2022