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Top Guerilla Marketing Ideas to Boost Your Sales


The term Guerilla marketing was coined by Jay Conrad Inversion. It’s mainly useful for businesses with smaller budgets because it creates a lot of attention for a minimum cost, delivering a good ROI.

It includes unusual approaches such as intercept encounters in public places, PR stunts, and other tactics projected to get maximum results from minimal funds.

Here are the top guerilla marketing ideas to inspire you:

1. Live Stream An Event On Facebook

Facebook’s live streaming feature is one of the most effective and affordable guerilla marketing ideas. It allows business owners to schedule cool events, such as the unveiling of the new product or service or Q & A session where consumers can find out more info about your company.

These live events are a great way to engage your clients and associate with them on a personal level that creates interest in your brand.

2. Practice Forums To Share Stories And Promote Your Product

Another organic guerilla promotion approach is using forums to share candid stories and promote products and knowledge. It has been seen that telling your story through genuine lens and posting in online forums is a fantastic source that drives new fans, clients, and attention. It is great for any industry to grow, and best of all, it does not cost anything.

3. Start The “Go Green” Movement

When green, sustainability, and nature are part of your brand, you can create success with large scale environmental efforts. For example, a litter pick up or recycling station with brand ambassadors can add to your business values by grabbing maximum attention. But in such cases, make sure to keep your campaign exciting, relevant, and targeted for your preferred market.

4. Create Videos To Boost Your Industry

Videos can be a visual aid to help your brand, but did you know you can use video to generate leads. You can create videos and embed them into emails, social media, and website. You can also add lead generation forms, quizzes, and polls across the same channels.

5. Adapt Sticker Marketing

Stickers are the most inexpensive way to make your brand famous. You can distribute stickers at events and all kinds of places. Few points to keep in mind while doing sticker marketing:

  • Consider a traffic area where target audience visit the most. The right location can get you extreme exposure to the right prospects.
  • Make your stickers and labels play with the elements of that particular environment.
  • Choose a location where you would minimum expect to find the advertising. For example back of a seat, a toilet door, creating a path around town, covering a full lamp post anywhere.

6. Search Yourself In Google And Improve Your Marketing Efforts

You can search for yourself, your company, and your services using a popular search engine or social media platform. Try using phrases that are relevant to what you do or how someone unfamiliar with your service would attempt to find you. Apply this on a regular basis, and make sure to check your social media analytics to see how people are finding you and adjust your web copy and marketing accordingly.

7. Distribute Free Samples

Free samples are surefire way of getting your samples to the hands of customer. It is easier to sell people once they tried it out. But make sure your samples incorporate enough information for consumers to potentially find you later online.

Conclusion Note

Guerilla Marketing is about communicating what makes you unique. It can be used in several ways to strengthen the bond and encourage that the word is spread. Supplement your marketing with these strategies, especially for smaller brands.


Diana Morris

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