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How Permission Marketing Can Help You to Boost Your Business

Permission marketing

Permission-based marketing is a term invented by Seth Godin in 1999. In his book, he explained how business can market to a subscriber who gives their permission to be marketed to or “opt-in” to accepting offers and announcements for a brand. When consumers agree to accept marketing emails, marketers are better able to understand and cater to their interests.

Permission marketing is an exciting approach, unlike conventional marketing strategies, where you make a onetime pitch and hope the prospective customer’s responds favorably.
The main idea behind permission marketing is that the person is expecting to hear from you. They are anticipating communications. And you can create that by allowing potential customers and followers to opt-in your communications.

Here are the 5 Strategies for using Permission marketing to grow business:

1. Permission marketing differs from Interruption marketing

It has been believed that interruption marketing makes a quick result in a wide market base.
For businesspersons, interruption marketing doesn’t always get value in monetary terms. For example, most of the advertisements on TV and radio are relatively costly. Also, their campaigns come with an expiry date and force you to generate a fresh campaign, which is expensive and result in less ROI.

Whereas in permission marketing, you will build a sustained customer base. The tools that you use to contact customers are inexpensive. You would be capitalizing on marketing mediums, including social media, SEO, and online content, which results in higher ROI than interruption marketing.

2.Build a strong bond with customers

Promoting your business and listening to your audience is equally important. To build a strong relationship with the target audience, marketers need to spend money to get the attention of the customers and to tell about the business services and products. Permission marketing is all about building a strong long term and committed relationship with your clients.
By building strong relationship with the consumer you already have, your industry will continue to grow without wasting resources.

3. Usage of email marketing and social media

Have you heard of Opt-in emails?
Email marketing is the most effective way of permission marketing. This involves having potential customers express their consent to receiving mails related to your products and services. Having a subscribe button conveniently on your website is best so that you avoid spamming hazardously.
Apart from Email marketing, social media is one of the best avenues for permission marketing. When a potential customer chooses to like or follow your page, they are expressing their interest to view your messages on their social media platform. Combining Both Social Media and Email Marketing and all other approaches are very inexpensive, and they open a valuable pipeline for reaching your targeted audience continuously.

4. Create a plan to get a new customer

According to Godin, the process of getting new customers is another key strategy to grow your business using permission marketing. According to the permission marketing technique, marketers should meet strangers and convert them into friends. Those friends may then become customers, customers to loyal customers, and loyal customers to formers. This way, you are building reliable relationships with the customer.

5. Frequency is important

Seth Godin, in his book, stated that the vital tactic for building awareness is frequency.
Building a strong relationship with the customer is the single greatest part of keeping the customer base you already have as well as creating new sales. While an unseasoned marketer may make the mistake of focusing on reach over frequency, the fact is frequency is ultimately far more beneficial than reach. Therefore, using resources to build up the frequency of ad and other forms are far lucrative for your business.

Conclusion note

For a wise marketer, permission marketing does matter as traditional marketing is losing its appeal and efficiency. One of the effortless and most functional forms of strategy – Permission-based marketing is key to a business that needs to get more out of their marketing attempt and produce leads.


Diana Morris

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