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7 Powerful Ways to Integrate Email Marketing and Social Media

7 Powerful Ways To Combine Social Media and Email Marketing

Marketing using social media is a great way to acquire more leads and email marketing is excellent at converting those leads into sales.

If you think there’s an opportunity here, you’re absolutely correct.

Your brand needs to interact with consumers at least 12 times before they choose to make a purchase. Organizations that combine email marketing and social media can complete that milestone sooner.

Consequently, they’re able to build customer loyalty, increase engagement, and lead to brand recognition. Pretty impressive right?

The following are some ways to combine email marketing and social media:

1. Integrate social media and email to improve brand recognition

Potential clients look for brand integrity. It indicates that the organization is trustworthy, reliable and pays close attention to detail. Then what happens when 2 marketing teams don’t communicate with each other? social media and email start speaking different languages. It affects your brand’s consistency.

Though the emails you send out are fun and informal, when it comes to Facebook, it’s all serious business.

The entire branding becomes weaker and as a result, you end up losing potential clients. However, combining email marketing and social media isn’t hard. It all depends on the interactions between teams. If done right, this approach help you in building more effective branding.

2. Use email lists to make relevant social media ads

Social media ads can help significantly in converting potential clients. However, they can be quite expensive. Wouldn’t it be great to know which CTA( call to action) can help achieve more conversion?

Make use of your email lists to examine ads before buying them. For instance, create numerous emails based on essential subject lines techniques. Determine which one offers the best results and use it in your social media ads.

3.Send emails with your social media page links

Whenever a client subscribes to your email list and likes it, they would want to see your social media pages. However, if your emails don’t include relevant links, they won’t even bother to look for it. Sending emails with relevant links can fix this issue.

4.Recycle Content

It’s quite simple to recycle posts between social media and email marketing channels. Once again, it will depend on the communication between the two teams. The obvious advantage of this is the ability to exchange assets between teams. This is a great and cost-effective strategy.

5.Remind customers regarding your email lists by scheduling new content on social platforms

It’s always a great idea to remind your audience regarding your email lists as well as social media pages. You can do this by scheduling content and adding links to your landing page. Also, explain the users about what they’ll be getting and why they should subscribe.

Use applications that allow you to upload posts automatically to your LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook accounts when a new newsletter comes out.

6.Run contests

You can engage your followers on social media by running contests. You can even do it to expand your email list. First, develop an effective call to action(CTA) and then the prize. Next, ask people to subscribe to participate. As such, you can make your social media followers subscribe to your email list.

You can also tab into the customer’s FOMO. Promote an upcoming email update that offers exclusive discounts and deals.

7.Use social media for making ideal clients subscribe

You can make a specific audience subscribe to your email list by using social media( particularly, LinkedIn). For instance, you can plug your ideal client profile into the Sales Navigator of LinkedIn. The tool will then generate a number of people that match your requirements.

The Bottom Line

Today, there are a number of ways for promoting your brand online. However, these options don’t come cheap. Most companies get their hands on numerous marketing platforms at once yet forget to combine social media with email marketing. Consequently, their marketing strategies suffer.

Both email and social media are excellent marketing channels with their own unique advantages. With social media, you can reach out to more people whereas with email, you can convert those new leads.

There are various ways to combine social media & email marketing and when done right, it can be quite beneficial for your brand.


Diana Morris

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