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B2B Marketing in the Days of Social Distancing

B2B Marketing in the Days of Social Distancing

As the year 2020 made its way, marketers from all across the world were ready with new strategies and newer products and services to launch in their respective markets and watch its magic. Many events that happen on annual, quarterly, or half-year levels, such as the Summer Olympics, or Annual Conferences of various big brands came at a halt due to a sudden outbreak of COVID-19. The pandemic swayed the world with its risk of life and caged us in homes. When it was time for many big companies to run their show or small start-ups to begin their way, Coronavirus attack shifted our attention completely. However, an aspiring marketer will always find a way to keep the show going and business running even during the times of global pandemic and social distancing.

Yes, Digitalization is the solution or a bliss whatever you call it. It has helped brands create attractive marketing strategies. Customer interaction is an integral part of marketing, be it B2B or B2C. Therefore, considering that in mind, marketers have shifted focus from physical events to online live chats or online trade shows that give a glimpse to their viewers or audience to connect in a better way. The Internet has provided us with a platform to spread awareness of COVID-19 along with business, which brings a sense of respect for the company too, when done simultaneously.

Despite the havoc created by COVID-19, the marketing efforts have become more reliable and more relentless. To evade the impact, companies have taken social media, email marketing, advertisement, website, and much more.

As recorded by the Mofett Nathason survey, a sharp 10.06 percent decline is expected in the marketing industry due to the global pandemic COVID-19. This means that companies, be it, small-scale or large-scale, will witness an sharp cut in their marketing budgets. In such a scenario, what could be more cost-effective and time-saving than the digital world!

With the motto to “Go Digital,” let us pull in some beneficial tips to make your digital marketing endeavors effortless amid the pandemic.

Organize Online Events:

online events

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Since most of the people are staying locked in homes to maintain social distancing, the time to be online is also more at hand than before. By the use of the digital mode of marketing, one must organize online events which can accumulate more and more audience in real-time like coming live and spreading information about your product or services. Also, talking about the measures to adopt for staying safe and your contribution as a company to the society for this adverse situation. If you wish more people to be interested in your online event, ensure to provide add-on offers to attract them. Many big companies who had physical events lined up for the year have shifted it to online mode to continue the business and keep the audience as well as employees engaged at all times.

Optimize Your Content:

content optimize

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It is essential to have a robust online presence visible to the audience and have successful online campaigns. Optimizing your content is very important as you may have outdated blogs and videos that need to be optimized from time to time. Updating the site with the usage of the right keywords at the right place is helpful in staying at the top of your list. You must keep the website performance metrics in elevated mode.


Be Consistent:

Be Consistent

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In digital marketing, a very important rule is to be consistently available and seen. B2B marketers usually forget that due to the dominance of the physical marketing events of their sector. But as we are slipping into Digitalization, marketers need to make long-term visibility campaigns that allow their customer base to stay informed and connected with the company. Presence is an essential aspect of our life, be it business or personal. Therefore, in B2B digital marketing campaigns, you must be present to answer your clients’ queries and keep them informed about your product and services. Also, it helps with any shortcomings they are facing.


Be Empathetic:

Be Empathetic

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In this time of adversity, it is essential to maintain a balance between work and social sentiments. You must take care of maintaining a tone of empathy while communicating with the clients during COVID-19. It not only soothes the audience but also creates a sense of acknowledgment for one another.


Be Versatile and Unique:

Be Unique

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We, as marketers, have a pattern of strategizing our campaigns. However, in times of today, when digitalization is the only mode of promotion and marketing, you must be adaptive to new advancements. In the matter of cutthroat competition prevailing in the industry, being versatile to adopt new trends and staying unique is the key to a successful B2B marketing campaign.

Concluding Note:

Any B2B marketing campaign requires consistent effort. Especially during the time of social distancing, marketers need to head to digitalization to ensure a unique and advanced method of marketing. Adapting the latest trends is turning beneficial for many companies. So it is advisable to be open to different methods as well as different digital channels of marketing and enjoy its favorable results.


Diana Morris

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