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6 Creative Marketing Ideas For International Womens Day


We all know that March 8 is celebrated across the globe as the International Women’s Day. This day is all dedicated towards celebrating women’s empowerment, diversity, and equality. Organizations in the US and other countries eagerly wait for this day to launch their women-specific campaigns that aim to celebrate and appreciate women customers and female employees.

Hence, if you are one of those who want to make the most of this women’s day and launch a marketing campaign to celebrate woman on this special occasion, then here are some marketing ideas to implement:

1. Launch Targeted Email Marketing Campaign

The first thing to include in your campaign for International Women’s Day is sending email campaigns to female customers and employees. You can launch email marketing campaigns to wish them ‘Happy Women’s Day’ and offer exclusive giveaways or gifts. Also, you can share content on women’s health and well-being. For female employees, you can arrange events and announce the same in your emails to inform them about the plans and how you are going to make the day unique for them.

Taking a step ahead, you can also target other important women in the life of your female customer or employee like their mother, daughter, or grandmother with promotional campaigns. This extra effort and token of appreciation will be taken positively and strengthen the future relationship.

2. Publish Content on Women or Written by Women

Content is the best way to engage with females from your industry and the customer database. You can add value to women’s day celebrations by publishing blogs or video content on female entrepreneurship and share the same on social media. This will expand your reach and project your efforts in the best way in front of women customers and other women in your field of work.

You can also ask your company’s female manager or any executive position holder to pen down a guest blog sharing their story of women empowerment. These marketing efforts will grab attention and make your targeted women audience feel appreciated and valued.

3. Announce Giveaways for Female Customers

Everyone likes gifts and giveaways. Investing in giveaway campaigns to celebrate special occasions like International Women’s Day is always a smart move. Be it the B2B industry or B2C, women customers are easily driven towards brands that offer giveaways, especially on occasions like women’s day.

As part of your women’s day promotion campaign, you can plan for themed giveaways to win their hearts and loyalty. If you value your female customers today, they will surely bring in more business tomorrow.

4. Offer Discounts and Exciting Deals

A promotional campaign on any occasion is incomplete without special discounts and deal offers. Hence, if you have plans to launch a women’s day marketing campaign to boost brand awareness and improve visibility among women customers, then March 8 can be your ideal day. You can try running user-generated content (UGC) campaigns to offer exciting discount offers on purchases by women in and around the week of International Women’s Day. However, ensure to make it clear that it’s a limited period deal and that customers need to hurry to grab the offer.

5. Run Women’s Day Campaign on Twitter

When you post content using the right hashtags on Twitter, the exposure and attention you get is huge. You can include gifs, images, and videos on women related topics in your women’s day campaign and post the same on your company’s Twitter handle to boost the organic reach of your promotional drive.

Social media is a widely used platform, and promoting your special campaign on platforms like Twitter will help you create a buzz among your followers and draw traffic to your website and brand in particular.

6. Organize a Webinar

If you are in a B2B industry, webinars are a great way to engage and initiate a real-time conversation with experts and decision-makers from your industry. The same can be applied as part of your International Women’s Day campaign.

You can host a webinar and invite the industry’s female influencers, inspirational speakers, executives, and officials to discuss, network, and share valuable insights. This will help in reaching your targeted audience and better understand the concerns and problems of female entrepreneurs so that you can address them with the most relevant products at the right time.

It’s a Wrap!

Although a single day is dedicated to celebrating womanhood, as a marketer, you should give equal importance to female customers as you give to male customers throughout the year. Marketing is not a single day affair. To engage the female audience, your strategies and efforts should be made, keeping in mind the needs and requirements of female customers.


Diana Morris

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