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10 Key Points to Remember While Sending an Email Marketing Campaign


In digital marketing, everyone needs a strategy. With dozens of platforms and tools available now, marketers have to figure out how to combine changed marketing efforts, which will let the revenue coming in. While strategies may vary, email marketing has always remained consistent. It has helped several organizations to reach potential customers and retain the faithful clients.

Furthermore, most of the marketers gravitate towards it because it’s effective and cost-efficient. Using email, you can maintain and attract consumers with personalized messages, which will help you connect with them to promote your brand and products.

In addition to its low-cost, email marketing provides a high return on investment. Especially, mobile email marketing helps you keep in contact with both potential customers and clients, and you can reach out to the maximum potential consumer in no time as most of the people nowadays open their mail-in mobile devices. It is one of the most accessible kinds of trials to reach out to the maximum customers.

Perhaps just as importantly, with the proper maintenance of an email list, the cost benefits as does the ROI through the closer relationship established with the recipients. Together with the higher response rates, the email marketing attracts, therefore, more positive responses more quickly and at a low cost.

Here are the top ten reasons why you need to start applying email market strategies and increase the business size

Email should be easy to understand with brand awareness

Email marketing is one of the cornerstones of digital communication for any company; it helps to generate leads so it should be personalized, error-free, and easily accessible across all devices, browsers, and email clients. To save time, we can prepare a template rather than sending emails every time through a different browser.

Broken links are wrong for your market

Email marketing is a no brainer for any multinational or startup company because maximum consumers prefer email, and when lead generation is your target then the link should be on working condition, and it should free of errors, for example, it should take the consumer to the right page, and it should not show 404 error.

Email should be Can- Scam approved

We should make sure that the email which we are sending should comply with the Can-Spam act, it should not be written in caps, should be formatted, and exclamation marks should be checked properly. Moreover, your email subject line indicates what the email is all about.

The email should not include the false, misleading, and falsified information in “Reply to” “from” subject line and routine data. Furthermore, the email should also provide information about the company or an individual. It is always essential to keep a clear and visible way for recipients to unsubscribe from all email communications. It should include a clear and visible way for the recipient to unsubscribe from all email communication from you.

Increase traffic with well-designed email

According to email marketing stats, 35% of business professionals check their email on a mobile device. Email is transactional in nature, and we can use it to get direct traffic in our website. Therefore it should be grammatically correct, images should be adjusted accordingly, and it should be plain text formatted. It should be optimized for both plain text and HTML.

CTA is significant for the success of marketers

When it comes to your email call-to-action, use a button instead of a link. Buttons are easy to click and navigate it to the next step to the buyer’s journey. Maximum consumers are going mobile every day, so if you want to gain attention from the audience, you should invest in email marketing that’s optimized for mobile users.

Web view option is essential

According to email marketing stats, more than 50% of US residents check their email more than ten times a day. Henceforth, your email should have an option of the link which will take to the web version. This link will take your recipients to the Web-based version of email in case image, or any other links is not working correctly.

Accurate data is important

To generate maximum traffic, sender name is essential. Usually, people are more likely to click on email when it is sent by a real name person rather than any company name. Moreover, the subject line should be crisp and attractive in order to get maximum views.

Grow revenue with the help of Functioning Dynamic Tags

If you are using “Dynamic Tags” like [First Name], make sure to check they are working correctly and showing the correct information, and the user list is clean. Always use the active tags to pull the maximum data that the file has provided.

Usage of attractive font color

Emails are more likely to be opened when it is beautiful, easy to read, and does not put a strain on your eyes. So, you should be careful while choosing the blocks of a background color; it should be easy to read. It should not be layered. In terms of readability, you should use black or grey, in case there is a black background, then you can use white color.

Importance of optimizing plain text and HTML

When you augment both plain text and HTML versions of your email, you confirm that anyone can read it. To ensure your email is optimized, there are few factors which are important to remember. For example, it should have similar copy to the HTML version, compelling email copy, all caps in heads and plain texts bullet points.


Successful email marketing requires the usage of the right strategy at the right time. Following the above rules will help in building a strong relationship with the customers. Email marketing should be tailored to customer’s actions so that every communication you make should interest them.

Diana Morris

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