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Best Tactics to Use Data appending Services for Data Quality Improvement

Best Tactics to Use Data Appending Services

Every successful marketer knows the importance of updating databases with the latest information to ensure data accuracy. Bad data in your B2B email lists and contacts can be detrimental to your marketing efforts, resulting in a loss of productivity and investment. Consider the statistics below to understand how much bad data can be hiding in your database and silently killing your campaigns.

Impact of Bad Data

With the help of professional data appending services, fresh data can be incorporated into the marketing database, helping marketers combat data issues bound to arise if data quality issues are not addressed regularly.

If your company is suffering from low response rates even after running several marketing campaigns, then your data quality may be the problem.

A professional data append service can help you append any redundant or missing data and capitalize on profitable chances, leading to greater success with your marketing campaigns.

What is Data Appending?

A database with missing fields and invalid data can dampen your marketing ROI. With the help of data appending services, missing fields are filled with accurate and updated data. Once the entire process is accomplished, you have a database consisting of complete and accurate information.

Let’s understand the data append service with the help of an example. If you want to start a “Happy Birthday Email Campaign,” and your B2B email list lacks the birthdays of many subscribers. A data append service will add that information via a data append.

How data is maintained prior to data appending

Maintaining data before appending a B2B email list is a very important step for an effective data appending campaign. Here are some steps that are followed to ensure the effectiveness of the data appending campaign:

  1. Data is profiled extensively, and as many insights are gathered about the clients, including – executive bios, financial data, social media profiles, markets served, SWOT analysis, etc.
  2. Bad and duplicate entries are removed from the existing database.
  3. Databases can help marketing teams to devise strategic campaigns centered around consumers. Therefore, deeper insights into clients’ profiles are gained to maximize the strength of data appending services.

Steps involved in data appending

Data appending is done by taking an existing database and then verifying the details against a master database with all the right contact details. Data appending of B2B email lists involves some simple steps, which include:

Steps involved in data appending
source: quora.com

Formatting and Uploading

The first step begins with the identification of data that needs to be appended. This data is then converted into CSV format then converted into a single file. It is then uploaded to the secure FTP of the data append service provider. The CSV files are then sent to the data appending experts.

Matching and Enhancing

After the data reaches the data appending services experts, the files will go through a rigorous formatting process. The client data is matched with the data append service providers’ master database.

After a name and address record is successfully matched to an email address, the data is appended to the client’s database.

Verification and Validation

After matching the B2B email lists with names and contacts, the data is forwarded to the verification team for verification and validation. A professional and reliable data appending services provider does both manual and automated verification to ensure high-quality data. The verification team also tests the appended emails for deliverability.

The opt-out messages

After the verification, an automated opt-out message is sent to the appended email addresses in the B2B email list to ensure the clients wish to communicate with the email sender via email.

Email recipients can opt out of the client’s mailing database if they want. This step ensures that the database is permission-based and compliant with all the spam control regulations, such as the US CAN-SPAM. This procedure, although optional, is very important to enhance the credibility of the brand.

Download the appended files

Once all the data append service steps have been completed, the file is all set to be downloaded by the client. The clients can receive the appended file via FTP or any other available media.

After all the steps have been completed, the following benefits to the clients ensue.

How a professional data append service can add value to your business?

Cleaner Information

Besides filling in the missing information and verifying it, most data append service providers also fix updated place names (like new addresses/zip codes), correct typos, and clean up other B2B email lists and postal address errors.

Reduced Wastage

Bounced email addresses, returned emails, and wrong phone numbers create wastage of time, money, and efforts for businesses. When you are juggling multiple jobs besides promoting your products or services, the last thing you want to do is spend time dealing with incorrect information. A professional Data append service ensures that you are dealing with the right contacts.

More Information

Enhanced information is one of the most obvious benefits of data append service. A Reliable data appending service provider will add or verify name, phone, email address, address, and occupation for individuals or businesses.

If you want your data to be more extensive and insightful, a data appending services provider will also add details, such as – gender, job roles, birthdays, and titles, so you have the most comprehensive database that provides the greatest value to your business.

To take the data comprehensiveness a notch higher, the data append service providers can also help you find social media handles of the contacts.

With all this information, you can even segment your data to get the best out of your marketing campaigns.

Segmentation Improvement

Like we just mentioned, with more information, you can segment your B2B email lists in a much better way to deliver tailor-made email campaigns to your clients. For example, if you have the details of small businesses with low annual turnover, you can place them in one group and offer budget services that can meet their needs at a fraction of the cost.

Keeping Cost Down

When you have a reliable data append service provider by your side, you save on staff research, error correction and are able to divert their efforts towards analyzing data to get better marketing outcomes.

Wrap Up

When it comes to the success of B2B email marketing campaigns, the quality of data can be the deciding factor. When you entrust the responsibility of data appending to a reliable data appending services provider, you don’t just boost your data quality but your marketing ROI as well.

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