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7 Marketing Trends and Strategies for CPA

7 Marketing Trends and Strategies for CPA

The CPA (Certified Public Accountants) designation assists in the enforcement of professional accounting standards.

According to the AICPA, Five popular areas of expertise available to persons who achieve the CPA designation are listed below:

  • Auditing and review
  • Tax preparation and consulting
  • Consulting services
  • Financial planning
  • Litigation consulting


Increased Emphasis on Consumer Privacy

  • Consumer privacy is one of the most current trends in digital marketing for accountants
  • This year, a growing number of accounting firms are considering deploying cost-effective solutions to safeguard the privacy of consumer data.
  • Taking preventive security measures has become a necessary since the GDPR was enacted in 2016.

Social Media for Customer Services

  • Accounting businesses can use social media to communicate with their target clients and enhance brand engagement

“In the year 2019, 28 percent of customers interacted with a brand via social media. According to 23 percent of them they think it’s a great method to get 24-hour customer service”

  • Businesses are now investing resources to establish a strong social media presence, all in the aim of interacting with their target clients in the digital realm
  • It will be a top priority to leverage social media to boost consumer satisfaction

The Rise of Long-form Videos

  • Long-form videos are one of the newest trends in digital marketing for accountants in 2021

“According to a survey by TwentyThree, a video marketing platform, there were only 30 percent engagement from users with videos that were less than five minutes in length, while there were 50 percent engagement from users for videos more than 15 minutes.”

“Long-form videos may excite people’s interest in a brand’s messaging, as evidenced by the fact that the average customer spends 88 percent more time on a website featuring video content”

Prioritize Content Quality Over Quantity

  • The emphasis has switched to delivering content that is pertinent and to the point, and not lengthy and repetitious
  • Businesses might profit from sharing content consistently rather than oversharing much content.

Conversational Marketing

  • This is likely to be the most important trend in digital marketing in 2021, not only for accountants but also for other industry experts

“According to an Oracle research, 80 percent of marketers and sales professionals are either using or planning to employ chatbots by the end of the year”

  • Email, Facebook Messenger, SMS, and Slack are all examples of conversational marketing, as they allow firms to communicate with their target customers on a more personal basis and in real-time
  • They would be able to establish a rapport with them through conversational marketing and convert them into loyal consumers.

Email Personalization for Boosting Conversions

  • Personalization is now a crucial component of marketing in the accounting sector

“65 percent of customers still choose to communicate with businesses via email, hence tailoring a marketing plan for that channel makes sense.”

Personalized email marketing is claimed to generate a median ROI of 122 percent.”

“In fact, 62.26 percent of customers are “glad” and “excited” when they receive personalized emails from a company”

“Birthday emails produce 342 percent higher revenue per email, than standard promotional emails”

Integrated SEO for All Marketing Channels

“According to Stanford research, 75% of buyers evaluate a firm’s credibility by looking at its website first”

“Businesses must leverage SEO since search engines account for approximately 93 percent of all website traffic.”

  • It’s critical to connect SEO with all marketing channels so that client engagement is high across the spectrum, not just on the website.

Wrapping Up!

To keep up with the current marketing trends is a recipe for success in the CPA.

Diana Morris

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