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Halloween Day Promotion Ideas for Email Campaigns

Halloween day promotion ideas for email marketing
Halloween is a fun time to celebrate unusual yet interesting activities with your family and friends. Every day is an opportunity for your venture to act upon its aspirations. For some surprising reasons, Halloween is counted to be a great time for email campaigns to flourish. People are in an enjoyable mood and take an interest in your emails. Considering email marketing campaigns are generally very effective, they turn even more impactful during Halloween. It is believed that this is time that is best suited for retail businesses as people indulge in spending money and take chances. Therefore, you never know, but your one email may add many potential clients to your list effortlessly.

Let us take a swift look into the different promotional ideas for your email marketing campaign and make a difference:

Halloween Day Ideas

#1. Add a trick and a treat in your emails!

You can add some spice and interest in your Halloween emails but incorporating a ghost or spooky GIF. This will catch their much-needed attention and encourage them for further reading.

#Fun Fact: More than 158 million people participate actively in Halloween activities

#2. Create suspense in your Halloween emails!

It is time for adding some fun and suspense to your emails. As the Halloween time is nearby, begin having a themed email campaign. This will automatically interest the recipient to look into the chain of emails dropping by. You can add some sort of curious question or suspense to entice them.

#Fun Fact: To begin your Halloween marketing campaign, September is the most suitable time.

#3. Customize your emails now!

You can leave the formal side of your emails and get playful with your emails. Everyone enjoys the relatable side; therefore, add customization of tone and format of emails to include them in the fun side of marketing.

#Fun Fact: About 49 percent of marketers claim they launch a holiday campaign before Halloween.

#4. Add bonus offers and perks in the emails!

It is the time when Halloween has arrived and, your audience definitely wants something special. You can reward the recipients with an exclusive offer or bonus rewards to win their hearts.

#Fun Fact: About 64 percent of Halloween celebrants don’t even begin to plan shopping until October. However, over the third of them will begin by September or a bit earlier.

#5. Get a spooky subject line!

The subject line plays a focal role in the open rate of your emails. Since its Halloween round the corner, why not add a spooky subject line and create sudden enthusiasm in the audience. For instance,
– Witching you a great Halloween Day
– The big deal of the year is here!
– Click to get a surprise!

#Fun Fact: About 24 percent of men are more likely to wait than women (17 percent) for the latter two weeks of October to begin shopping in search of offers.

Concluding Note:

Now that you have some attractive ideas handy for your seasonal marketing campaign, we wish you luck and success. These ideas are surely going to add direction to your efforts and will ramp a way to flourish your Halloween email marketing campaign.


Diana Morris

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