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8 B2B Lead Generation Strategies for Accountants

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Every accountant who practices solo or firm seeks lead generation as to strengthen the business. About 61 percent of marketers feel that generating leads is the most challenging part of their journey. For accountants, it can get even trickier to generate quick leads. However, with constant efforts in the right direction, it is very much achievable. Let us look into eight B2B lead generation strategies that accountants can use and win clients faster.


Lead Generation Strategies for Accountants that Work Wonders!

#1. Adopt SEO for organic leads:

Search engine optimization plays one integral role in generating organic leads. For new accountants, it brings a large volume of site visitors without spending any funds.
How to do it?

  • Use the right set of keywords
  • Use the right set of words for content marketing
  • Use compelling tone and terms
  • e frequent with your campaigns

#Fact: About 64 percent of marketers believe that adopting SEO and using it actively can enhance the opportunity to generate leads.

#2. Create well-researched content:

Whatever content you create, make sure it is well-researched and well-targeted in approach. Chase the right keywords and audience to enhance your lead generation.

How to do it?

  • Take up surveys and questionnaire to understand the market
  • Offer polls and quiz to gain insights from existing clients
  • Analyze your competitors and update yourself one step ahead

#Fact: Small ventures take the help of well-researched blogs to generate 126 percent higher leads than without blogs.

#3. Get featured on feedback or review websites:

Feedback and reviews can do wonders in the field of accountants. You must enlist yourself and get featured for service review or product feedback to better your lead generation.

How to do it?

  • Enrol oneself on top websites
  • Identify the maximum queries of a single topic
  • Answer the audience and build brand value

#Fact: About 90 percent of users claim that they check the product or reviews before making their purchase decision or even approaching them company.

#4. Offer live consultations :

Not all clients can walk to the firms at all times. Many clients who reside in remote locations or have busy schedules prefer convenient live chats or consultations to communicate. By offering live consultations, chances of prospects also spike up. At the same time, you can offer a real-time experience.

How to do it?

  • Stream live with proper internet to give a seamless experience
  • Understand their issues and expectations to offer services
  • Offer saved videos as a reference for solutions

#Fact: About 38 percent of online users believe that they prefer to connect with companies that offer live chat support.

#5. Make a personalized approach:

By identifying your ideal audience on the basis of your specialization and their requirement, you can approach them on personal grounds.

How to do it?

  • By sending customized emails on autopilot
  • Do thorough research of the client’s behavior
  • Understand their expectations
  • Hit the “send button” at the correct time (based on demographic location)

#Fact: Personalized approach in the form of emails increase the response rate by a whopping 100 percent.

#6. Shift your focus to “Call-to-Action” :

For any accountant, having a website is essential but what also holds importance is to have Call-to-Action at the right places on the website to enhance lead generation. This way, the genuinely interested leads will show their interest.

How to do it?

  • Use compelling words that draw attention (like learn more, explore, etc.)/li>
  • Offer value to them in exchange for call-to-action
  • Invite them for events, product and service launches, and more
  • Design your CTA in an attractive manner to speak loud about your aim

#Fact: You will be surprised to know more than 90 percent of site visitors read the headlines as well as the CTA copy.

#7. Stay updated at all times:

You may have the most unique marketing campaigns strategized ahead of you; however, if you are targeting the wrong prospects or lack the right details, you will be unsuccessful by a large margin. Therefore, keep your database updated as to make the most out of your campaigns.

How to do it?

  • Leverage the services of a prospect list to experts of the industry
  • Keep your outdated database out of reach
  • Ask your existing clients to update their altered details
  • Improve follow-up services to bridge gap with old clients

#Fact: At any time, only 3 percent of your market is actively looking forward to making a purchase while 56 percent of them are not ready yet, and 40 percent are yet to begin source

#8. Build feedbacks and follow-ups:

Last but not the least, to enhance lead generation, and you can ask for feedback as they act as mouth publicity from the real people with which your prospects may resonate.

How to do it?

  • Send your existing customer’s feedback forms
  • Ask for the improvements, if any
  • Make their opinion feel counted
  • Post client reviews, testimonials, and feedback on your website

#Fact: In case a product or service gets five or more reviews, the chances of it getting purchased spike up by 270 percent.

Concluding Note:

Lead generation is tricky but very much achievable for accountants. To witness it yourself, try experimenting with these B2B lead generation ideas and witness the benefits of it in more than one way.


Diana Morris

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