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10 Most Profitable Business Ideas to Kick Start in 2020

Profitable Business Ideas

Initially, for a new entrepreneur, deciding on which business to start and invest in can be tricky. With inadequate market knowledge and industry understanding, potential entrepreneurs may struggle to finalize the perfect idea that can materialize their objectives.

That is why we have compiled a precise and informative list of the most profitable business ideas that can work in 2020.

1. Online Business Training Courses

No matter how academically great one may have been in their respective areas of studies, they may not have the necessary marketable skills to turn their business ideas into profitable ventures. This is where you need to come in between to bridge the gap.

Hence, in 2020, a B2B online course that guides and trains aspirants in pursuing career as an entrepreneur can be your perfect business idea to invest in. The course may throw light on various related topics such as how to market products for lead generation, how to develop excellent client proposals, etc.

2. Social Media Consultancy Agency

Businesses need social media advisors or managers who can help them build a strong social media presence. Taking advantage of this opportunity, you can turn your social media expertise into a business venture.

You can offer support to businesses in managing their brand’s social media profile and marketing requirements. Starting a social media consulting agency to help business owners handle their networking worries on such platforms can be your ideal business plan in 2020.

3. Copywriter

According to statistics, the content marketing industry is expected to reach $412 billion by 2021, promising opportunities for writers.

If you are good with words and can pen down catchy slogans or product descriptions, then you can offer your copywriting expertise to support the marketing efforts of various companies.

4. Graphic Designer

As brands are trying hard to grab customer attention, the demand for graphic designers who can create engaging marketing graphic designs are high.

Hence, if you have the skills as a graphic design expert, then don’t let your talent go waste. Start your advertising or marketing agency where you can offer graphic design services and turn opportunities into profits.

5. Consulting Business

If you have skills and expertise that can help businesses shape their marketing strategy, then think of becoming a consultant or speaker.

In simple words, start your consulting business and work with industry leaders and companies as their business advisors and even become speakers at industry events or conferences.

6. Online Language-based Educational Session

Communication is the key both in professional and personal life. Consumers, as well as business entrepreneurs from across the globe, are willing to learn different languages to expand their reach. An online educational course that teaches highly in-demand languages such as Spanish, Chinese, Mandarin, Arabic, and others can be your profitable business idea to start in 2020.

7. Mobile IT Support

Today, an increasing number of Americans are tech-savvy. However, most of the time, they are dependent on tech support to address their technical challenges. Moreover, the free tech support service that the tech companies provide are often not that supportive of solving the problem.

Therefore if you are technically sound and is competent enough to help tech users with immediate assistance, then starting your mobile IT support business can be your profitable money-making idea.

8. Educational Courses for Online Learning

Thanks to the digital revolution, online businesses are flourishing across platforms. Especially when it comes to academic courses, a lot of online business owners are earning huge. You can do the same and create a website offering online courses in various academic areas, which may include classes to help children at the high school level or college level. You may also include review courses for parents who want to take an active part in their children’s studies.

9. Accounting Services

Most businesses suffer due to mismanagement of finances. That is when they look for reliable and licensed accountants or CPAs to help them with accounting, payroll services, bookkeeping, tax preparation, etc. If you are a CPA expert in the field, then you can launch your business providing accounting services to entrepreneurs.

10. Mobile App Development for Children

The demand for mobile entertainment, apps, and tablets among children has been on the rise in the recent past. As technology advances, young customers are becoming more addicted to gadgets, apps, and devices to entertain themselves. Hence, you can take this opportunity as a business idea and start developing apps for children, which can be gaming apps or even educational apps.

So, what’s going to be your business plan in 2020?


Diana Morris

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