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10 Proven Ways to Build a Massive Email List Faster

10 Proven Ways to Build a Massive Email List Faster

Email marketing is one of the old traditional and more credible ways to drive sales, increase ROI, and uplift the company’s position in the B2B industry. Based on reports, 78 percent of marketers witnessed an increase in email engagement over the past years. There’s no other mode that lets you drive sales as quickly as email campaigns. But the major plight for most entrepreneurs and marketers is they do not have a robust email database or email list to back their marketing strategies. A credible email list needs to have certain aspects tagged along to retain its value:

– It should be well-segmented
– It must be verified and validated
– It must be rooted in authentic and trusted resources
– It should be updated from time-to-time

You need to ensure that you are adopting a professional email marketing service. An excellent service providing company will ensure you don’t land up in the spam folder and direct you to the right leads. It will also offer you the tools to build your email list. A report claims about 93 percent of B2B marketers use email for sending across content.

Through this blog, we will discuss ten different methods that help build a massive email list quickly with proven results.

#1 Create Signup Forms:

Sign UP

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The rule of making a massive email list faster is simple. The more signup forms you manage to get filled, the faster your email list will be prepared. Start by creating a simple newsletter signup form followed by various others. Multiple signup forms enable users more opportunities to become a part of your email database. You can use the sidebar signup form with a floating or popup to gain the site visitor’s attention. This has turned out to be useful for many marketers in the past.

#2 Create Contact Forms to Follow-up:

Contact Forms

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Contact forms are different from signup forms as they specify the requirements for contact information. Contact forms provide an opportunity to receive the user’s email address. When users enable the subscribe button, you can start sending them business-related emails.

#3 Feature Multiple Lead Magnet Pages:

Lead Magnet

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Lead magnet or Opt-in bribe or Ethical bribe is the concept of providing a valuable exchange to prospects in return for their contact information. You can get incentive information about prospects like full name, email address, phone address, gender, etc. Informational products like blogs, premium content, or locked content are the most common products of lead magnets. It can also be an eBook, or checklist, workbooks, etc. that will add value to your customer in the return of their information.

#4 Run Online Contests:


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One of the most engaging ways is to run online contests and give giveaways. This has turned out to be great for increasing followers and subscribers. Users join contests through the email address or by following you on social media platforms. This helps you in reaching a new audience, which may turn out to be valuable. Running online contests also lets you connect with the audience in a close manner wherein you understand their preferences and work to make your campaign successful.

#5 Guest Posts for Known Websites:

Guest Post

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Posting blogs as a guest on popular sites helps in targeting a wider audience. By writing effective guest posts and touching trending topics, you can associate yourself with readers of similar interests. You can link a landing page instead of just your homepage for further communication. Guest posts any which ways give you validation in the B2B industry.

#6 Offer Deals and Discounts:


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Providing deals or exclusive offers uplifts customers’ morale and intrigues the site visitors to take further interests. It will also help in turning the opportunity towards building an email list. By simply creating an “avail discount form,” you can receive their email address and bring it to future use.

#7 Adopt YouTube Call-to-Action Card:

Youtube CTA

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YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world after Google. If you are using YouTube as a part of your marketing campaign, you can use your YouTube channel to increase your email list. YouTube call-to-action card enables you to add interactive information. You can link them to lead magnets on your website. YouTube gives a plethora of opportunities to promote your email list.

#8 Usefully or Partially Gated Content:


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Gated content is a way to secure your content until visitors enter their email address. You can hide some or entire blog content until the email address is entered. This way, you can secure your purpose and also contain genuine site visitors.

#9 Use Social Proofs for Signups:

social media

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Social proof is a method related to the psychological effect where prospects feel more comfortable following other people. Many marketers use social proof as a way to ease the minds of concerned clients and elevate conversions. By posting testimonials, reviews, or reflecting the number of registered users, etc. you can win over the trust of the audience and create compelling signup.


#10 Elevate your Search Rankings:


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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) helps in positioning your website at the top of the search engine results. When prospects see your content after they type a keyword, they follow the link back to your site. Suppose they find your content interesting, they sign up by themselves for further such content on their mailing address. SEO helps in generating traffic and business leads.

Concluding Note:

These ways will be beneficial for you to build a massive email list that can be verified by your marketers to put to further use for campaigns. Endorse your contests so that more people join through a link, and more audience comes up as participants. This strategy will allow you to have a self-created email list.


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