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What are the effective Lead Magnets Strategies and Tactics?

What are the effective Lead Magnets Strategies and Tactics
Lead Magnet is a process to offer an incentive to the prospects in exchange for filling the form or signing up on the web page. Following are effective lead magnet strategies and tactics that must be followed for a higher conversion rate and lead generation.

#1. Target Lead Generation

  • Target your lead magnet with an incentive that is specifically directed towards the target audience.
  • Add relevant fields in the form to know more about the potential customers.
  • Avoid generic incentives and ask for the profession, income, gender, location, or preference in the form.

#2. Different Funnel stages require different lead magnet B2B marketing

  • Content relevant to the potential lead should be catered for specific funnel stages.
  • Consider TOFU, MOFU and BOFU funnel stages to design the lead magnet.

#3. Insights of lead magnet

  • Share a glimpse of the lead magnet to the potential leads.
  • Highlight the points that are useful for the prospects.

#4. Use the best Content resources as a lead magnet

  • Find out which is the most liked story, most downloaded book, most viewed video, or webinar.
  • Use such past content as a lead magnet.

#5. Think beyond eBooks for B2B strategies

    • Avoid eBook as the lead magnet every time.
    • Instead offer a different lead magnet every time you ask them to fill the form.
      • What to offer as a lead magnet apart from eBook?
      • Whitepapers
      • Mini online course
      • Podcast
      • Webinar
      • Voucher
      • Coupon
      • Free gift on first order
      • Educational material
      • Free trial of the software
      • Free sample of the product
      • Free online tool

#6. Select quality content for B2B marketing

  • Avoid using old, boring, and outdated content as a lead magnet.
  • Provide content that is relevant for the prospects.
  • Content should be resourceful and informational for the lead

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