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Multi-Channel Marketing for IT Decision Makers

Marketing Tips of IT Decision Makers

A multichannel approach is what fits ideal here. Marketers cannot miss any opportunity to connect and network with decision-makers. Hence, depending on a single communication channel is a wrong strategy. From email marketing to social media, IT decision-makers must be approached on every available platform to win their trust and establish authority. Before targeting prospects, it is important for marketers to know necessary details about the lead such as their content preferences, buying patterns, concerns, and more. Based on these insights one can develop strategies that engage and generates responses.

In this infographic, we have highlighted some valuable insights on marketing to IT decision-makers, have a look:


Interesting Facts About IT Decision-makers

  • At enterprise companies, on average, 17 people participate in IT decisions.
  • In small and medium-sized businesses, typically six people take IT decisions.

Source of Tech Information IT Decision-makers Rely On

  • 71% peer consultation
  • 70% Technology Websites
  • 58% Search Engines

Content Types that Engage Tech Professionals:

  • 55% Case Studies
  • 43% Infographics
  • 22% Ebooks
Multiple Touchpoints to Engage with IT Decision-makers:

Email – A targeted email is the most effective and responsive medium to reach decision-makers.
Social Media – Social platforms give brand exposure and build a global network for business.
Telemarketing – Calling customers is considered as the most interactive medium to connect and sale.
Website – A dedicated web page can help in highlighting product features before online customers.

Diana Morris

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