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Steps to Achieve High Conversion Rate through Marketing Automation

conversion rates through marketing automation
Marketing automation includes the use of software and strategies for automating marketing processes instead of working manually. Thus, the repetitive tasks like sending marketing emails, ad campaigns, social media posts, and similar other herculean tasks are done automatically, faster, and in less time. The aim of marketing automation is to gain conversions.


49% companies are using Marketing Automation for successful B2B and B2C brand marketing campaigns. (source: www.webfx.com)

What can you do with Marketing Automation?

  • Automated Emails / Communication
  • Track customer journey
  • Automate social media posts
  • Follow up and nurture leads
  • Automate reports
  • Boost conversions

Steps to Achieve High Conversion Rates through Marketing Automation.

1. Capture leads:

Capturing leads through emails, website, social media posts, videos, contents, and other similar ways.

  • Target the audience or visitors
  • Attract the target audience
  • Get contact details

2. Increase Conversion Rates:

Convert the prospective leads into profitable customers and increase the volume of sales. The best way to boost conversion is to send automated emails.
77% of the users of marketing automation reported an increase in conversion rate. (source: www.invespcro.com)

3. Use Lead Scoring System:

To check whether the leads are interested and ready to make a buying decision.

  • Set up a model to score your leads
  • Track the prospects through sales funnel
  • Automate lead scoring
  • Refine the targeting strategy for various types of leads

There is an increase in the number of leads by 80% when marketing automation is adopted. (source: www.invespcro.com)

4. Drive Repeat Purchases:

Engage your customers through marketing strategies and induce them to repeatedly purchase your brand’s products and services without turning back to other brands.

5. Augment the Customer Experience:

Enhance the customer experience through

  • Regular improvements
  • Seamless experience
  • Integrating your system

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