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5 Tips to Increase Your Accounting Firms Social Media Presence

5 tips to increase your accounting firms social media presence
Why Accounting Firms Incorporate Social Media?

Over half of the world’s population spends time online, with 3.8 billion active on social media sites, and LinkedIn is home to 500 million of them.

“According to 80 percent of B2B marketers, LinkedIn is the best place to find leads.”

Over 90 percent of the 3.8 billion people are millennials, while 50 percent are baby boomers. Over half of both groups use social media to research products and services, and nearly three-quarters of those who have had positive experiences with businesses on social media tend to convey their friends and family about it.

As a result, social media strategy is significant to accounting firms.

5-tips-increase-your-accounting-firms-social-media-presenceBenefits of Social Media Presence for Accounting Firms

Incorporating social media marketing in your accounting firm’s overall marketing strategy has several advantages, which are listed below:

  • An increase in brand awareness
  • Establishing a community through engagement
  • Accelerating website traffic
  • Less money spent on marketing
  • Enhanced client satisfaction
  • Demonstrating thought leadership in the accounting field


5 Tips to Increase Your Accounting Firms Social Media Presence


#1 Create an SEO-Friendly Website

To guarantee that your potential clients have a great experience when they visit your website, make sure it is:

  • Optimized for Mobile

Mobile phones are being used by an increasing number of people to access the internet than they use a standard PC. If your website isn’t optimized for mobile devices, more than half of your potential customers will have an unpleasant experience.

  • Easy to Navigate

Ensure your navigation bar or menu is easy to find and includes all of your significant pages. To begin with, ensure you have the Home, Contact Us, About Us, FAQ, Pricing, and Blog tabs.

  • Fast

You’re losing business if any portion of your website takes longer than 3 seconds to load. So, ensure your website is fast.

Create an SEO-friendly website with a strong call to action.

Benefits of SEO-optimized website
  • Search Engines Send Organic, Qualified Traffic

You can draw the right customers (who are ready to sign a contract) straight to your website by going all-in on SEO and targeting keywords your potential clients use.

  • Turns Visitors Into Leads

In the decision-making process, a professional-looking website goes a long way when someone is knee-deep in research mode.

By including a powerful call-to-action (CTA) on your homepage, you can stop consumers from leaving your site without arranging a call or filling out a form to learn more.

  • It Sets You as the Expert

When your website ranks on Google for the right keywords (i.e., the terms and phrases your customers use), it indicates to the user that you are an expert and raises brand awareness.

It establishes trust when someone identifies you as an industry thought leader, which establishes one of the natural laws of the business: people do business with people they know, like, and trust.


#2 Build Your Email List
  • Create a lead magnet to entice users to subscribe to your website. Your lead magnet should emphasize a problem that your audience wants to overcome and offer a quick solution.
  • An accountants email list can also help in promoting your business. You may nurture the relationship and promote your offers and tips via a weekly or monthly newsletter if you have people on your email list.
  • An effective CPA database is the most productive way for accounting firms to showcase their expertise.
  • You can even encourage and incentivize your customers to provide feedback to improve your business listings.


Your CPA firm can benefit from Google My Business to improve its visibility in local search results. People in your region will be able to find you, contact you, and become your next customer. To create your profile, all you need is a business name, location, and category. You’ll start showing up on local search and Google Maps once Google approves it. Customers will be able to give reviews, upload photographs, ask questions, save your listing, and view essential details like your contact information.

#3 Engage With Your Social Media Following

Having a Facebook page is great, but you are missing out on social media’s massive potential if you are not connecting with your social media following. People expect you to notice and reply to them on social media when they leave a comment on a post, write directly on your wall, or send you a direct message. These kinds of interactions define social media. Unless you make an effort to engage your audience in this way, you will never establish a dedicated following.

#4 Build Backlinks

Creating backlinks can significantly boost the exposure of your website. When other people connect to your site, Google and other search engines assume that you have valuable content. As a result, the more backlinks your website has, the higher it will rank in search results.

#5 Creating Blogs and Contributing Guest Blogs

When it comes to CPA marketing, creating a blog is a highly beneficial strategy. You earn increased visibility, internet traffic, and qualified leads when you rank on the first page of Google. Blogging is valuable to your consumers since it answers their queries, provides quick wins, and assists them in finding solutions to their problems.


“According to a HubSpot survey, businesses that blog get 55 percent more website visitors! That’s a lot of prospective customers.”

How do you get started creating blog posts that rank on the first page of search results?

To begin, conduct keyword research to determine what problems your target audience is trying to solve. You may identify the difficulties your clients face and generate blog posts that add value and convert visitors into clients.

The next step is to write your blog post and optimize it for search. You can ensure that your blogs are optimized for ranking on Google’s first page by following fundamental on-page SEO principles.

Guest blogging will not only help you generate backlinks for SEO, but it will also enhance your exposure and drive direct traffic to your site.

Wrapping Up

Establishing a social media presence will aid in expanding your services and the success of your accounting firm. Furthermore, it is critical to identify with your target audience and understand their pain points to become influential on social media. You will be capable of developing tactical opportunities and nurture prospects into potential customers of your services. You can also discover how to generate content that attracts your target client, adds value to their lives, and establishes your business as the go-to expert if you follow these marketing guidelines for accountants.


Diana Morris

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