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How a Financial Solution Firm used Attorneys list to increase their Customer Reach

How a Financial Solution Firm used Attorneys list to increase their Customer Reach

About the Client:

The recent client that we assisted with our data solutions is a New York-based company that expertizes in technological developments of custom solutions for the financial service sector. They specialize in spaces like web development, digital marketing, and data research. They have innovatively worked for various investment banks, hedge funds, and asset management companies with the use of advanced tools and frameworks to brighten the project.
The excellence they have gained over time has helped them cater to the clients with budget-friendly solutions that have put forward nothing but success. Our client offers SEO related services, CRM integration services, and more that has helped many financial solution firms to expand their scope. By analyzing, we can say our client is best at what they do and needed professional help from us to increase their customer reach. We are glad to associate with them.

The Obstacles Faced by Our Client Prior to Connecting With Us for Our Services

Our client was a bit specific about what he expects from his marketing campaign. Unfortunately, when they launched a campaign earlier, it failed miserably due to a lack of quality email lists. They were cautious and concerned this time while choosing the service provider. We understand the constant plight marketers face to reach out to customers and communicate directly. As an experienced service providing firm, we analyzed their concerns and worked in sync with it.
We provided them our attorney email list in relation to the healthcare industry to enhance their customer base and generate quality leads. Our client had focused on retaining the quality, and we made sure to do so. The frequently mentioned issues by them of accuracy, quality, and authenticity were well taken into consideration. The developed email list was beneficial for them and helped them approach the prospects in a strategized way.

Our Solutions:

BizInfor offers a wholly verified email list that has authentic contacts of top professionals from every industry. To uplift the present position of our client and maximize the customer reach, we delivered them an email list that helped in emphasizing focused leads and strengthening client relations. Our client was particular towards receiving the quality response from our email list, and we tried our best to deliver the same.

– The email list had increased site engagement
– It boosted ROI and sales rates
– The attorney email list was developed in sync with client’s marketing strategy
– The email list was scrutinized it under fifty stages
– It was responsive and productive by all means

Final Results:

Our team of champions worked dedicatedly to make the campaign successful by providing follow-up services. Our client was able to receive the same response as it was desired.
– The service was offered with more than 96.2 percent of deliverability rate
– A responsible follow-up service was offered post purchase
– The purpose of maximizing the audience was well achieved.
Our client was happy to have an enriching campaign experience with us, and so are we.



Diana Morris

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