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An Advertising Agency Increased Marketing and Sales

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About Our Client:

We have been providing services to many B2B companies and new ventures. One of the recent clients that we assisted with our data solution services is a Boston based digital advertising agency. They have a specialization in their field and have diverse services for the clients. Their services are based on strategic models with a budget-friendly package. For entrepreneurs who seek outsourced advertisement and marketing, our client is the right choice.

We can say so as we have seen their services and couldn’t stop praising their vision. The company works towards shaping the advertisement sector with its exclusive skills that can be brought to use by other B2B companies for their events. Our clients offer services like asset development, storytelling, automation, customer retention, and more. They wanted our support to generate better leads and sales rates. We assisted with a structured plan that aimed towards turning their aspirations into reality.

The Challenges Client Faced Prior to Taking BizInfor Data Services:

Our client was stressed over certain factors when they first came as they had been facing constant pressure to meet the industry’s competition. They were looking for something that could assure them of its progress and lead their way to success. We offered them a medical device distributor list considering today’s time when the healthcare industry is leading the race.

– Our list was verified and accurate
– It comprised of peculiar details like company name, zip code, location, website address, etc.
– Our email list was well-segmented to give the right focus to the client
– A follow up services was provided

They sounded convinced with our suggestion and wanted to go ahead with it. Our team kept them in constant touch to keep them in the loop of the actions we were taking. Our client was happy with the email lists and felt motivated towards achieving their business objective.

Our Solutions:

BizInfor is a data solution providing company and has been serving many clients for years. With years of experience, we have understood what works best for every industry. In the case of our client, we knew what will benefit them and bring their objectives true.
Our medical device distributors’ email list contained top professional’s details, which will definitely help our client. Once the email list was ready and equipped with quality leads, we delivered it to our client.

– The email list we created was matched with the client’s business requirements
– We developed an email list that was consisting of potential leads and prominent manufacturing companies
– Over all, the email list had more than 92 percent accuracy and authenticity

Our prime objective was to provide them better customer response, a more open rate of the emails, and boosted revenue generation. To their benefit, our email list did wonders and helped them a lot. Our client was full of gratitude for the enriched data services we offered them and made their email marketing journey easy.

Final Results:

BizInfor team assisted the client throughout the process and ensured they receive profitable results. Their email campaign was well executed and received mass appreciation.
– The deliverability rate was more than 95 percent
– The sales rate spiked by 3x times as compared to the previous year. This made our client very happy.
– An increase in ROI and customer relationship improvement was also experienced.
The motive with which they contacted us felt completed and with such flying colors. It was their very first email marketing campaign with us, and we hope to connect with them for further such campaigns. It’s always great to join hands with young ventures and contribute to their passionate business aspirations.



Diana Morris

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