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As the leader of the publicly accessible institutions that impart knowledge through a huge collection of books, librarians have a significant influence in the community of readers and publications. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, it is estimated that there are around 138,200 librarians in the US. The numbers are huge and are most likely to increase in the days to come. Hence, these librarians are ideal prospects for a magazine company, self-published authors, and publishing house who wants their books to get noticed and featured across libraries.

BizInfor can certainly help in that case with the offering our best quality Librarian Email Database. Our repository has all the essential information marketers in the industry would need to connect with librarians for promotional and brand awareness programs. Hence, before you run out of time, get to your niche audience with campaigns delivered at their right inbox for maximum responses.

Customize Librarian Email List based on Following Job Titles:

Category Total No of Counts Available
Public Librarians 9,000
School Librarians 19,000
Academic Librarians 18,000
Special Librarians 7,000
Children’s Librarian 4,000
Digital Librarian 8,000
Category Total No of Counts Available
Research Librarians 17,000
College Librarians 15,000
High School Librarians 10,000
University Librarians 6,000
Law Librarians 5,000
Young Adult Librarian 14,000

*Due to the frequent updates to our Email Lists, the counts may vary accordingly. *

Engage with Global Audience with Our Librarian Database

Comprehensive B2B Data

The list of librarians we offer comprises complete information of your prospects for seamless communication.

Customized Solutions

Our librarian email list can be further customized based on different selects to help narrow down your ideal customers.

Compliant Records

We have developed a compliant list of B2B contacts in accordance with data regulation policies like Anti-spam, CAN-SPAM Act, GDPR, and CCPA.

Reach Out to Library Professionals with Promotional Campaigns Using Our Library Mailing Lists

We at BizInfor are dedicated towards providing you the best data solutions that can support your data-driven campaigns flawlessly.

Trusted Data Outlets

Our expert data team formulates the B2B list of librarians from various industry sources that are authentic such as business directories, conferences, seminars, trade shows, etc.

Verified and Updated Records

When it comes to quality, we make no compromise. All our records are double verified and updated at regular intervals to ensure that the list is relevant and responsive to generate leads.

Well-segmented Data

We have segmented our huge database into multiple categories based on selects like job title, location, and more. Tailor your list based on these parameters for targeted campaigns.

Global Market Exposure

The list of library email addresses offers geo-targeted data. BizInFor can help you reach prospects from every corner of the world with the use of our global database of librarians.

We help you maximize the number of quality leads

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the Librarian Mailing List?

    The librarian email list is one of the most demanded data as it classifies, formulates, and catalogs publications. Librarians need to have sound knowledge of aspects related to the library. At BizInfor, we excel at providing a robust email list of such professionals. Our team works best to provide you tailored email list so that you can achieve quick results in your marketing campaigns

    How are the Librarian Email list Categorized?

    There are majorly five categories of the librarian email list that we offer at BizInfor.

    – Research Librarians: 17000 counts available

    – College Librarians: 15000 counts available

    – High School Librarians: 10000 counts available

    – University Librarians: 6000 counts available

    – Law Librarians: 5000 counts available

    Do you provide all the required information on the Librarian Email List?

    At BizInfor, we provide the following information in our librarian email list.

    – Librarians First Name

    – Librarians Last Name

    – Librarians Company Name

    – Zip Code

    – Librarians Physical Address

    – Librarians Web Address

    – Librarians Email Address

    – Industry Type

    – NAICS Code

    – SIC Code

    – Librarians Phone Number

    – Revenue

    – Librarians Fax Number

    – Librarians Contact Title

    – And more.

    What are the data formats available?

    Our Librarian email list is delivered in various formats like CSV, text, and XLS formats so that you can have easy access.


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