Email conversion is the number of subscribers who are our audience and complete a goal action. Sometimes the conversion goal is sales- related while sometimes it just being a dedicated engagement of the website. An average conversion depends on several factors, like industry, geographical location, company’s size, marketing type, etc. Let’s get into the depth of it.



#1 Have A Catchy Subject Line:

The subject line of your email must be catchy enough for the user to open the email.


#2 Be Crisp & Brief

Your email should have the right focus and be to the point.


#3 Segment Your Email List

Create groups of the recipients based on psychology, purchase history, browsing history, etc.


#4 Send Relevant Content

96% of the organizations believe sending the relevant content plays a crucial role than just email marketing.


#5 Design The Responses

Sending across wrong responses can be alarming. Design the answers as per your target audience in automation also.


#6 Balance Content & Advertisement

Remember to think like an audience and not as a creator. Don’t make content that doesn’t interest them.


#7 Use Images

Create engaging content and attractive images. This will entice the audience to engage.


#8 Follow trends

Don’t hesitate to follow a new trend as that will attract your audience in engagement.


#9 Always Personalize

A new fashion of personalization has become popular, knowing no ends. Personalize to bond with the audience.


#10 Make Occasional Offers

On special occasions like anniversaries or festivals, make offers that will gain conversion rate.


Some Interesting Statistics Of Conversion Through Email Automation:
For any B2B, the direct automated mailing is essential as it adds more value and digitally advertises.

  • According to DMN, up to 90% of personalized emails get opened while only 20-30% of generic ones get opened.
  • As per USPS Household Diary Study, 81% of people read their emails daily.
  • 60% of consumers believe email makes more impression, say experts of leading marketing firms.
  • As per a survey, 70% of customers prefer emails over any other method of communication.
  • Direct emailing gets a 37% higher response rate than a regular email.
  • According to Canon, adding a person’s name and personalization can increase the response rate of an email marketing campaign by 500%.


Emails are an old way of touching the roots of marketing. Clients rely firmly on the fashion of email marketing. Email Automation has a high potential to boost the conversion rate of a visitor into an audience and audience into a client. The cycle is eased with the help of Email automation.