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10 Email Marketing Statistics Attorneys Should Know

Email Marketing Statistics That Are Shaping 2020 and Beyond
Email Marketing is a responsible marketing method that has existed in all types of industries for several decades. The consistent progress it has offered companies has gained it the popularity it holds today. As a marketer, you should know how responsive email marketing is for obvious reasons. It has a direct approach and regularly targets the audience. If you own a law firm or aim to establish one, then these email marketing perks and statistics surely hold significance for you.

Let us get into the top 10 email marketing statistics that Attorneys should know for their ventures. Let’s go!

#Stats 1 : Brief & Crisp Subject Lines Engage Audience Better

Yes, they compel them to open your email. As estimated, the subject line between 28 characters and 39 characters ranked first for the maximum open rate at 14.6%.

#Stats 2 : Email is the right Place, Undoubtedly!

More than 33 percent of the audience begins to look for legal help/ lawyers online. This makes us wonder, how well is your website optimized?

#Stats 3 : A video on your Profile Page can do it all

Simply publish a video on your profile page and experience a rush of 127% increase in email inquiries with a boost of 138% in click-through rate.

#Stats 4 : Your Reflection on the Site is all that matters

Search engines will not matter if you do not reflect on your work and excellence on your site. About 97 percent of law firms lack the art of displaying themselves right on their websites.

#Stats 5 : DO NOT miss on your email address information

You will be shocked to know, but more than 68% of law firms miss out on putting their official email address on the landing page, resulting in no contact opportunities for the prospects.

#Stats 6 : Online Marketing is the key to success

More than 65% of law firms dedicate most of the marketing budget to the online mode of marketing, precisely email marketing. It is affordable and responsive.

#Stats 7 : Email Marketing is a Standard yet the impactful mode of marketing

A well-strategized and implemented email marketing can yield an average ROI of 122% or even more. Therefore, an automatic email is the need to cater to the audience well.

#Stats 8 : Segmenting the Email List is an Essential Feature

Nothing fits all! A target-oriented and well-segmented email list will deliver
18 times better revenue rate than a general blast of emails to all prospects.

#Stats 9 : Sending Emails at the Correct Time is a Smart Move

As a marketer, you must choose the time wisely to get a maximum open rate for your email campaign. Generally, Mondays and Tuesdays are the best days to send emails between 8 a.m. and 11 a.m.

#Stats 10 : A creatively Designed Video Changes Everything

By the end of this year (2020), about 82% of internet engagement will be driven due to video publishing. Therefore, when you optimize your website, count a creative video too.


Email marketing has shown excellent results for marketers. Being a legal firm entrepreneur, it is essential to understand the importance of email marketing and how it can shift your company’s dynamics and help you connect with the right prospects in the right manner.


Diana Morris

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