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Power your Marketing campaigns with Our Database Building Services

✔  Customized database to meet the requirement of marketing campaigns.

✔  Reach out to the target audience with appropriate contact details.

✔  Correct, updated, and verified contact details of prospects.

✔  Higher conversion rate.

✔  Generate more leads for enhanced ROI.


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    When planning for devising any strategy-based marketing campaign, it is necessary to reach out to the right, and apt audience interested or need your brand’s products and services. Whether it is tele, email, direct or other similar approaches to marketing, having a database is relevant for the successful running of the campaign. The marketing campaign focuses on attaining particular pre-set goals and objectives. Thus, the database of the target audience must include details according to the tastes and preferences of the prospective customers.

    This Service from Bizinfor includes the database required by the marketers to connect with the right target audience and generate leads. This database consists of accurate and updated details of the targeted prospects in terms of name, email address, number, postal address, geographical location, age, income, occupation, etc. This database is designed so that the your campaign can run effectively irrespective of being B2B or B2C.

    The Data Building Services helps individuals and organizations to reach out to the key decision-makers who have agreed to be contacted online and offline for interesting products and services. Thus, the Custom Database Building Services eliminates the chances of contacted wrong or irrelevant leads.

    Benefits of Bizinfor Data Building Services

    When marketing teams opt for custom database development services from Bizinfor, they will get the verified and updated records of the targeted audience without spending time or money on gathering the data from various sources. Hence, Bizinfor’s Database Building Services is time-saving and cost-effective and saves many workforce efforts.

    The team can get tailor-made data according to their requirement wherein only the details of such prospective leads are provided who are interested in receiving marketing communication. The data can be segregated according to various industries so that the campaign reaches directly to the top decision-makers of the organizations.

    The database provided by Data Building Services from Bizinfor is fresh, updated, correct, and cleansed for any obsolete data. This helps the team in targeting specific audiences and increasing the conversion rate. As a result, higher leads are generated to increase the ROI.

    The marketers can choose the kind of format they require for availing of Data Building Services. At Bizinfor, the data is available in the most suitable formats for further processing, such as in .csv, .xls, and .docx format, making it easier to execute the campaigns.

    Thus, the data can be employed by the clients in various campaigns, including online and offline, such as telemarketing, direct mailing, email marketing, etc

    Why choose Bizinfor’s Data Building Services?

    The database provided by Bizinfor is collected from reliable and verified online and offline sources by expert professionals of Bizinfor. Our Services consists of details of the prospect leads that are tailor-made for the marketing team according to the location, profession, income, industry, age, gender, marital status, etc.

    Having years of experience & expertise in data entry & data management project, Bizinfor takes every step to ensure that the database is correct, up-to-date, and reliable. Moreover, Bizinfor periodically refines the data to be fresh and free from incorrect, missing, or obsolete information. Also, every care is taken to ensure that the data is verified and adheres to GDPR, Anti-Spam, and CAN-SPAM policies strictly.

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