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    We Assure Quality B2B Data Licensing Services at BizInfor


    No data is enough to take your multi-channel marketing efforts to desired results unless the data is combined with innovative ideas and is completely secured. The data must be authorized by you to avail the maximum benefits. At BizInfor, we ensure to bring quality data licensing services for business people and marketers around the world.

    Salient features of our Data Licensing Services

    • Run multichannel marketing with conviction
    • Our data conforms to GDPR and CCPA to prevent any negative legal repercussions.
    • CAN-SPAM compliance ensures you stay on the right side of the marketing laws
    • Our data experts employ 70+ prospect filters to find the right prospects for the mailing list
    • Build strong bonds with key decision-makers across the world
    • Access to 100% permission-based lead contact information

    Grow Revenue With Our Data Licensing Services

    Unmatched Competency

    At BizInfor, we ensure our customers receive an unmatched edge over their competitors by obtaining a license for their database.

    Vast Database

    You become the authority-holder of the vast repository of contacts and potential leads for future business endeavors.

    Right to Use or Resell

    Being the licensee, you have the power to use the data or resell it as per your convenience.

    How we offer exclusive Data Licensing services

    BizInfor believes in offering our customers with the finest services so that they stand tall in their respective industry competition. With a large team of data experts, BizInfor works towards providing data licensing services that will help your business improve the revenue rate. Our data repository is vast and well-segmented; we ensure to comply with essential laws like GDPR, CCPA, and more such regulations. Once you own the data license, your marketing efforts will become impactful and robust with data intelligence. Let us seek the benefits you get along the data license services:


    The data license we offer has unlimited usability from our data repository enriched with millions of lead records of businesses and marketers from all over the world.

    Trusted Sources

    Our data is collected from various trusted resources such as trade shows, government records, surveys, company newsletters, business directories, conferences, etc. We update our database every quarter to ensure the quality is retained at all times.

    Time Efficient

    Our in-house team of champions works rigorously to provide you the license of your data that saves your time and effort from approaching multiple channels.

    Data Security

    Our data is secured by all regulations. It allows you a free hand while looking for opportunities and business leads without any constraints.

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