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Unlike many other professions, the number of lawyers in the United States has seen a significant increase in the last few years. The continuous growth of the U.S. legal services market has resulted in the oversupply of lawyers relative to the number of jobs. At present, there are 1.35 million lawyers in the U.S. alone. The remarkable advances in technology and globalization have radically transformed this segment since a decade.

If you work to provide services or necessary supplements to these professionals, you are in the right place. Our attorney mailing lists offer all the essential B2B contact records of lawyers of your choice. You can use this data to strategize your marketing endeavors and thereby promote your brand online. Tell us your interests; we will help you segment the lawyer email address with the right contacts.

The Legal industry is experiencing a constant business expansion all over the globe due to high requirements. Our attorney list is perfect to fit your business demands and soothe its future expectations too.

We Provide following Categories of Attorneys Email Lists Including :

  • Corporate Lawyer Email List
  • Civil Rights Lawyer Mailing List
  • Criminal Lawyer Mailing List
  • Employment Lawyers List
  • RealEstate Attorneys Mailing List
  • Public Interest Lawyer List
  • Immigration Lawyer Mailing List
  • Trial Lawyers List
  • Private Sector Lawyers List
  • Government Lawyers Database
  • Personal Injury Lawyer List
  • Intellectual property lawyers‎ List
  • Human Rights Lawyers List
  • Entertainment Lawyers List
  • And Many More..

Boost Campaign Performance with Our Attorney Email list

Targeted B2B Contacts

BizInfor offers customization options, which lets you segment our wide-ranging attorney mailing list based on business needs.

Innovative Approach

With the help of our lawyers email list, you can plan as well as execute multi-channel marketing campaigns all over the world.

Robust Database

Our attorney email addresses comply with GDPR, CCPA, Anti-Spam, and CAN-Spam act making it extremely legitimate.

Our Lawyer Mailing List offers Most Effective Way to Engage Customers

BizInfor aids you in discovering and understanding the attorneys across various industries, no matter their size or revenue.

Reliable Sources

We have a team of data scientists gathering lawyer email address from several trustworthy sources such as trade shows, government records, yellow pages, B2B directories, events, and more.

Verification Process

We make thousands of verification calls and send thousands of verification emails to keep our email list of attorneys free from errors and duplicate records.

Consistent Updates

We manually check and update each record in our attorney email database for every 90 days, so that we can assure you more than 95% accuracy and deliverability rate.

Supply On-Time

We promise to offer you the targeted attorney email list at a specified time. We support various standard file and database formats such as office, OpenOffice, SQL, and others.

We help you maximize the number of quality leads

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Attorney Email List?

The Attorney Email List is a database of legal professionals and legal firms based on the geographical location you have chosen to target. It is an authenticated business database of the attorney.

When was your data verified and Updated?

We verify and update the database of the attorney mailing list at frequent intervals of three months. The database is surely fresh and validated, so you don’t face any difficulty in connecting to your prospective leads.

Where can I find a list of attorneys in the US?

At BizInfor, you can find a detailed email list of attorneys in the US, which is guaranteed accurate and original by all means.

Can you customize Attorney Mailing List as per our requirements?

Yes, we customize the attorney mailing list as per the requirements of our clients. We understand your objectives and aim to cater to them just as you want it.

What information is provided by BizInfor Attorney Email Database?

BizInfor provides information based on the client requirement. The details include law firm name, lawyers name, practice experience (in years), specialization, postal address, email address, geographical location, contact number, gender, etc.


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