Reverse Appending Services 

Reverse Appending Services is a process of appending or fixing the existing database of the client with the correct, valid, and updated information of the contacts.  It helps in refining the existing database that is old, incomplete, or redundant.  The reverse appending includes supplying the complete information of the contacts on the basis of any detail available in the data and comprehensively completing the database in all aspects. The reverse appending services can take any detail such as email, phone number, etc. to append the data with the full name, postal address, email address, contact numbers,  fax numbers, social account details, SIC, and other allied fields.

By combining existing (raw) data with new structured datasets, you can derive more meaningful information from both the raw and structured datasets for analytics. Reverse appending service allows you to enrich your raw data with information about customers collected from a variety of structured sources. At Bizinfor, we can make sure that the information we have about the targeted prospects is accurate through proper enrichment of existing data which can help in identifying more meaningful business opportunities for the organization.

Why choose Bizinfor’s Reverse Append Services?

The marketing database of any organization includes much information such as name, contact details, email addresses, postal addresses, etc. Several organizations require this information to execute email marketing, direct mail marketing, telemarketing, and other marketing campaigns. Thus, the appropriate, updated, and verified data is of utmost importance for marketers.

However, the marketers need not purchase or source the data to update their existing marketing database since Bizinfor’s Reverse Appending Services is readily available to provide updated, verified, and valid data through extensive appending of all the required details for completing the database.

The database available at Bizinfor is secured from verified and trusted sources so that there are no redundancies and all the information is complete in its entirety when it comes to Reverse Appending Services.  Thus the marketing companies need not spend time, money, resources, and efforts on gathering and updating their existing database.

We help you maximize the number of quality leads

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    Benefits of Bizinfor Reverse Append Services

    The expert team of professionals gathers the correct, updated, and verified data from several sources.  The data is periodically cleansed and made up-to-date after a specific interval of time so that the marketing companies can get fresh data whenever required.  The experts also follow strict policies and practices to collect the data. As such, only the details of those targeted prospects interested in the brand’s products and services are included in the data. Moreover, these prospects have been permitted to be contacted for sales promotion and marketing purposes.

    The Reverse Appending Services at Bizinfor also adheres to the strict policies of GDPR, CAN-SPAM, and Anti-SPAM so that your marketing campaigns do not go to waste or land in the spam or junk folders.  Also, the chances of positive telemarketing efforts will motivate the marketing team at work.

    Finally, when the marketers can reach out to the targeted customers directly with the higher possibilities of generating leads, the conversions will be higher, and so will the number of sales. As a result, the marketing goals and objectives will be achieved, leading to higher Return on Investment (ROI).


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