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A major portion of economic revenue in the United States comes from the manufacturing industry. The sector witnesses changing dynamics of demand and supply graphs. However, often manufacturers fail to optimize the available opportunities due to lack of the right resource and materials. Hence, businesses selling relevant products and services that may help manufacturers can connect with them and promote their offerings. If you think to do the same but is short of accurate contacts to start your campaigns, then we can help. Our responsive and reliable manufacturing industry database can enrich your campaigns with new leads. Don’t believe us? Try out our data and test yourself.

BizInfor’s Manufacturing Industry Mailing List Includes Following Categories :

Category Total No of Counts Available
Food and Beverages Manufacturers 98500
Agri Products Manufacturers 22600
Aircraft Designing and Engineering 10800
Chemical Products Manufacturers 15900
Construction Material Manufacturers 18500
Consumer Goods Manufacturers 22900
Leather Products Manufacturers 10700
Category Total No of Counts Available
Luxury Goods Manufacturers 12900
Medical Device/ Equipment Manufacturers List 45900
Electronic and Electrical Products 10900
Glass and Clay Manufacturers 83900
Electronic and Electrical Products 10900
Furniture Manufacturers 13900
Machineries and Equipment Manufacturers 7900

*Due to the frequent updates to our Mailing Lists, the counts may vary accordingly. *

Why BizInfor’s B2B Manufacturer Mailing List

What Do You Get

Detailed Contacts

We provide contacts of real prospects who are most likely to engage with your brand and invest in buying your products.

Better Deliverability

Our list comprises authentic b2b data that ensures your marketing campaigns end up into the correct mailing address address of your prospect.

Customized Data

We give you the option to tailor your Manufacturing Industry Mailing Addresses as per different demographics of your choice such as job title, location, etc.

How We Offer the Best Manufacturing Industry Mailing Lists?

At BizInfor, our ultimate goal is to provide you with an excellent quality of B2B contact data that is worthy to your investment. While you focus on building an effective marketing strategy, we take down your notes and start working on developing a result-driven list that leaves behind your competitors and takes you to the company heads of your targeted industry.

Refined Searches

We offer businesses more than 50 filtering options to refine their prospect search and come up with a targeted list that offers precise details.

List Validation

Verifying and validating each and every data from our Manufacturing email database is a mandatory part of our scrutiny process which we never fail.

Instantly Export

We make the verified data available in CVS, XLS, and test formats which marketers can directly integrate into their CRM and excel sheets.

Quick Delivery

When it comes to delivering the list, we are always on time. We try to hand over the data as early as possible so that you can start campaigning.

Our solution covers both your marketing and sales needs

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the Manufacturing Industry mailing Lists?

    The Manufacturing Industry Mailing Lists is a collection of records from industries like food processing, textiles, printing, rubber, and more. At BizInfor, we provide email lists from all across the world. Therefore, ensuring a massive position in the global space. We assist marketers in engaging with potential leads through our manufacturing industry email list as it offers an organized avenue for your marketing campaigns.

    Where can I get Manufacturing email lists in the USA?

    For marketers looking for a competent and authentic manufacturing industry email list in the USA, BizInfor is the suited option. Our manufacturer email database has humongous records of manufacturers from all kinds of industries. Our database is well-structured and updated to support your business requirements and provide an edge to your business world campaigns.

    How will Manufacturing Industry Email Lists be beneficial?

    An email list of any type is always beneficial before running an email marketing campaign. As a marketer, the constant pressure of reaching the right audience gets minimized with the help of an email list. In the case of the Manufacturing email list, there are multiple benefits apart from having an accurate and correct lead. Such as:

    • It increases site engagement and social traffic
    • It offers a sudden increase in the audience
    • Uplifts your campaigns with email support
    • Induces productivity and motivation
    • Assigns a direction to the campaign
    • It offers a gradual but long-lasting sales growth
    • Reduces extra financial expenditure
    • Save time and effort
    • Assures right leads to the right industry

    Do you provide authentic manufacturing companies mailing list?

    Yes, at BizInfor, we undoubtedly provide an authentic and verified manufacturers contact list to our customers. We understand the hustle and pressure of approaching the right audience. To ensure you do so, our team works best to verify the records and then deliver the same. We collect data from reliable sources and scrutinizes it till it’s substantial enough to be delivered.

    Shall I Purchase BizInfor Manufacturing Industry Database?

    If you seek a global platform and networking or wish a quick-responsive email list, you will be welcomed at BizInfor to purchase our manufacturing industry database. We offer on-time deliveries to our customers and follow-ups to bring the best services for you.

    Does your Manufacturing Mailing List follow GDPR and anti-spam law?

    BizInfor is in the data providing business for years and has always supported the security of clients. We abide by GDPR and anti-spam laws to ensure your safety and keep the data quality up to the industry standards


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