Execute Successful Campaigns With Our Comprehensive Doctor Mailing Lists

With our verified BizInfor Doctors Mailing lists, you can understand your client’s buying behavior, examing the target market to craft more personalized outreach, and establish long-term business alliances with your clients.

We Provide following Specialty of Doctors Mailing Addresses :

Physician Speciality Total No of Counts Available
Dentists 75000
Pediatrician 48000
Chiropodist 2100
Ent Specialist 8000
Oncologists 15000
Pharmacists 84000
Veterinarian 31200
Orthodontist 8000
Pathologists 15000
Physiatrists 8000
Physical Therapists 38000
Pulmonologist 8000
Prosthodontists 2000
Geriatrician 3000
Psychologists 22000
Denturists 28000
Canadian Dentist 8000
ADA Dentists 28000
Dermatologist 18000
Geneticist 4000
Pediatric Dentistry Specialist 3500
Pediatric Hematologist 5500
Medical Cosmetologists 5000
School Psychologists 2500
Physician Speciality Total No of Counts Available
Radiologists 27000
Rheumatologist 5000
Hepatologist 10000
Asthma Specialist 4000
Bariatrician 2000
Allergist-Immunologist 4000
Addiction Counselors 2000
Obstetrics 33000
Epidemiologists 2000
Chiropractors 25000
Exercise Physiologist 1500
Cytotechnologist 2000
Clinical Pathologist 12000
Chemical Pathologist 4000
Nuclear Radiology 2200
Orthopedic Specialists 9000
Reflexologists 2000
Opticians 12000
Molecular Genetic Pathology List 1500
Neuromusculoskeletal 2000
Orthopedic Doctors 15000
Pediatric Endocrinologist 2500
Pediatric Gastroenterologist 4000
Speech/Language Pathologists 2000

*Due to the frequent updates to our Mailing Addresses, the counts may vary accordingly. *

Why Choose BizInfor Doctor Mailing Lists?

Customized Solutions

We offer personalized list of doctors that meet your specified campaign and business requirements, allowing you to reach the right clients.

Multi-Channel Approach

Our personalized Physician mailing list will be providing support to all your multi-channel campaigns.

Global Outreach

Our detailed lists is quite beneficial for it allows you to establish an alliance with leading professionals in that industry within the US and abroad.

How We Provide The Best Physician Mailing List?

The healthcare sector is among the biggest and ever-growing sectors in the world. No matter what the cost, doctors are the key prospects when saving lives. As a marketer, gaining access to top medical professionals will reflect a strong Marketing Ecosystem.

In short, having access to the right doctors email lists & mailing lists will facilitate business growth. As a marketer, you need to have a reliable physician database for connecting and targeting the right audience. It’s also important for the doctors mailing address to be free from errors and shouldn’t have any outdated or incomplete data. If it does, it’ll make your life and your job more challenging. Also, if the database contains inaccurate information or discrepancies, you’ll invest more time unnecessarily.

Authentic Data

With our Doctors Mailing Lists, you can connect with important decision-makers without the need to worry about the authenticity of the details provided. With years of experience in Data-driven Marketing for B2B, you can trust our services to offer you qualified and authentic prospects.

Maximum ROI

With our reliable contact list, you can channel your email marketing campaigns to the target audience. Consequently, this will positively impact your conversion rates and ROI.

Regularly Updated

Our Physician Email List & mailing lists is updated, validated, and verified regularly to ensure that you get only active and responsive email addresses of doctors, thereby boosting your deliverability rate.

Data Assortment

The direct mail data we offer comes from relevant and trustworthy sources like conferences, seminars, websites, and market research, etc.

We help you maximize the number of quality leads

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the Doctor Mailing Lists?

    As the healthcare industry is growing faster than ever, the demand for Doctor’s mailing lists is also growing. It is the record of data based on Doctor’s specialty, their origin, and various essential information that will offer your business accelerating progress. With this lists, you can pitch into the competitive world of business, and pull in quality leads.

    How to choose Physician/Doctors Email List or mailing lists?

    If you are looking for a Physician or Doctor’s mailing addresses, look for service providers who curate an authentic and reliable email list or mailing address. It must be covering your set of requirements with assured leads. You may receive a list of data providers. However, it is essential to know which one provides the email list or mailing address that commits to bring business to your campaigns.

    What is the best portal to buy Doctors Mailing List?

    Considering today’s competition of the B2B industry, BizInfor is the best portal for you to buy Doctor’s email list or mailing addresses. There are various reasons to say so. Firstly, our list is not confined to one specific region; it has the international scope of business. Secondly, we develop a database only after identifying various business requirements of our clients. Thirdly, listings is wholly verified and validated. In fact, it goes through fifty stages of scrutinizing to ensure the delivered mailing addresses is accurate. And lastly, we provide frequent follow-up services to our clients to ensure they are fully satisfied with our services.

    Where can I find a mailing list of US Physicians?

    If you are looking for mailing lists or an email list of US Physicians only, then BizInfor happens to be the right place for you. We expertise in database services, and although we provide global-level data, Our US Physicians dataset happens to be the most purchased ones.

    When is the right time to buy a mailing list of Physicians?

    If you are looking forward to obtaining a mailing list of Physicians, then the right time to do it would be a couple of weeks prior to initiating your campaign. However, you must begin looking for a database providers much before to ensure you are approaching the right place as the mailing list is prepared after many sessions of discussion of understanding your expectations. Therefore, you must look for a database provider a month before your campaign begins.

    Can you customize the Doctor Mailing List as per our requirements?

    Yes, we provide customization of our Doctor’s mailing list based on your requirements. Our team spends enough time to identify your campaign and its related needs. Post the analysis, we craft the mailing list and deliver it to you in the committed time.

    What information is provided by BizInfor Physician Mailing List?

    We at BizInfor provide the following information:
    i. Name of Physicians
    ii. Demographic Locations
    iii. Medical Type and Size
    iv. Type of Practice
    v. Email Address
    vi. Phone Numbers
    vii. Fax Numbers
    viii. Certification Type
    ix. License Number
    x. Years of Experience
    xi. Hospital Affiliation
    xii. And more


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